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Hsuing-Nu at Burton

Page history last edited by John Hickman 7 years, 9 months ago


There's a saying that stuff happens and Life gets in the way of living. Well

those combined to mean I hadn't played in a competition for 10 years and by Jove

that is too long!


That careful, considered, reticent tactician Stuart Whigham agreed that I could

partner him at Burton despite me only playing one game of MM v2 since it came

out. It was a hell of a ride!


Players often write about the friendliness and generosity of those they play

against and it can seem a cliche, I can state it isn't. I was overwhelmed by the

number of people who came over during the weekend to enquire where I had been

for a decade (none were owed money). Every opponent was lenient and helpful as I

struggled through my games. Bless you all.


The army was Chih-chih H'siung-nu with Kang Chu allies 40 BC.

C-in-C as Cv(O) with 8 noble Cv (O) and 6 Ps(O).

2 commands of Cv(O) subbies, 2 Cv(O) and 18 LH(S),

Ally of 3 Cv and 18 LH(F).

All commands had 2 Bg.

We also took Ambush, Feigned Flight and Scouting.


Game 1 - Defending against Later Han led by Andrew Parkin and Tim Kohler.


Lots of Gentle Hills and a piece of Rough something in a corner.

From Left facing us a mean looking command of Bw dble-ranked faced with Cv in

support (partly on a hill), then LH, then a Cv command.


We set the two LH(S) commands against the Left, Ally screening the centre and

C-in-C against the Right wing Cv.


It had been decided that I should take the LH(S) commands as these were simpler

to use (right!) and I hurled them at the command opposite. The first surprise

was the rear rank of Bw disappearing as the Exaggerated Numbers Stratagem was

uncovered. I hit the thin line and immediately began to break through.


The rest of the battle saw my crazed horsemen driving deeper and deeper into the

command as our opponents fed in more and more reserves - we began to win fights

against opponents uphill and a slaughter began.


In the Centre and Right Stuart marshalled the troops to get the required

casualties and suddenly we had won. It may have been tighter if the enemy Cv

command had gone for our LH(F) and Cv but they were held back by PIP starvation.


23-2 after 10 years - what could go wrong now?


Game 2


With a good win under our girths we approached the afternoon match with our

usual trepidation - it is usually good if it is another plucky duo of triers

like yourselves or it can be... Tim Child and John Hickman with Later



We attacked. The table wasn't too bad for our mounted but did give Tim and John

a couple of gentle hills, a wood and an orchard ripe for Ambushes. We

immediately cocked-up the Scouting attempt by announcing it too late.


Carthage set up (L > R) with Numidians, a mixed command of spear, elephant and

auxilia then another with elephants, LH and auxilia and a final one with auxilia

and cavalry.


We set up to hit the right flank with the two LH (S) commands, screen off the

centre with the ally and cover the suspicious tree terrain with the cavalry.


I expanded the LH out to the table edge and immediately spotted the cavalry

ambush behind the hill, they rapidly covered the gap and were to hold the key to

the outcome in that sector.


As "planned" (I still laugh at that) I hit the cavlry, auxilia, LH, elephants

etc and the buggers held, and held and held! Stuart whacked the ally in and

killed a couple of elephants but the gaps were rapidly filled with spearmen

(Inferior I think). These started killing LH with flank locks and casualties



Then the second Ambush was popped and 4 Numidian LH dared to make a home run for

our Baggage. I mean really, they aren't even nomads.

They ended up a move away but never actuall contacted our nervous camels. Stuart

did start killing Numidians but combined casualties saw a collapse in the centre

as one of my LH commands went down rapidly followed by the ally.


2-23 to Tim and John.


The game was a learning exercise for me as I watched a couple of guys who had a

good grasp of MM use their knowledge to work as a team covering each others

commands without recourse to anything tricksy or cheesy. I had already noticed

that I was always playing what was in front of me and almost forgetting about

the rest of the army.


Game 3


An evening in Burton beckoned - Oh jewel of the East...


The night in Burton was quieter than I remember, maybe the recession has caught

up with it but I didn't have a single young woman collapse at my feet in a

stupor! Kids of today.


Had a good breakfast in the company of John Hickman, John Smith and Stuart we

arrived refreshed to find we were playing - John Smith!


He has already written up "Hotel Palmyra" so I will refer you to his piece as it

is accurate and fair. http://dbmmplayershandbook.pbworks.com/w/page/63818136/Palmyran%20at%20Burton


We had been talking diets at breakfast and John's seems to suit him as he was

lively and fun throughout.


Game 4


So we finished down in the numpty tables where the nicest people are. Facing Ray

Briggs and Bob Kendall (two "ells" it is Bob) using the Brilliant Julius'

Marian Romans who Attacked us.


Table was pretty open with no terrain relly playing a role. A nice fortified

camp went down to our right. L > R saw a Bd/Ps/Cv/LH command with the Divine

Julius, a large Gallic ally, a Subbie with a few Bd then another with Bd and 6

Irr Ax (S).


We lined up commands LH(S)/LH(S)/Ally/Cv to attack Julius and flank the Gauls. I

would play with the Wb and Bd in front of me.


First dice saw the ally not wanting to play so i tried to bring him back on side

- no joy. There followed a miserable sequence where the ally threw 5 or 6 and

the C-in-C got no more than 2 for three bounds. So basically I tried to hold off

3 commands with 2 Cv(O)...


The LH(S) hit the flank and front of Julius' mixed command and a terrific battle

began with intense PIP pressure on the Romans - Bob played his part by using his

PIPs to shore up the inside flank with Gallic Cv and two Brilliant strokes

helped at critical moments.


I managed to extricate the Commanders to head for the centre melee. The

sacrificial Cv held out against the Ax(S) for 4 bounds until they died. This

combat brought the ally into play just as the Wb command was in range and

another terrific fight ensued.


The battle went right to the wire and time was called as both sides had

Disheartened commands. A tremendous scrap that may have been even closer if the

ally had come onside earlier. Our opponents played their combined-arms regulars



10-15 final score for 35 points in total.


I hope to be back next year and will try and play some one-dayers so MM has won

me back.







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