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Eumenes at Rampage 2011

Page history last edited by Rob Brennan 9 years, 5 months ago

Indeed a great day...

Eumenes had come to stop all the silly disagreement about who should be the new Supremo after Alex..

He'd `persuaded' Eudamos to lend him a few elephants and a whole swarm of Indian archer Ps(O), together with some unusually good Indian Cv(O) and  split his army into three commands. His first command had Eumenes himself – Kn(F) wedge, 4 x Cv(O), 3 x LH(O) and 2 El(O). The second was the centre pike command with 8 dodgy Pk(I) and 4 awesome Pk(S) led by a pike general in the front rank no less. On the opposite flank he had a Kn(F) wedge sub-gen leading 10 x Ps(O), 4 x Ax(O) with another Nelly in support. What could possibly go wrong?

The first battle was against Jonathan Crowe's Indians…the battlefield was mostly clear, just a bit of rough on the left and the Indians lined up on the left with a large command of huge chariots, another large command in the centre of Superior Baggage with the divine Kali in blue protected by blades/bow and a War Wagon(X) and then a smaller command on the right led by the Indian CinC on a very nasty-looking El(S) and two other similarly unpleasant superior elephants just itching for a Kn general to have a go at…together with some stampeding cattle that Eumenes' cavalry really didn't like the look of..

Eumenes immediately decided that he didn't really want to go anywhere near the War Wagon or the superior elephants and decided to focus on the Indian left and centre. So he lined up on the left, as close as he could, against the Indian chariots with half the Ps in the rough on the left, then the Ax(O) and the Elephant – and with the other block of Ps behind with the Kn(F) general. The plan was to race the spare Ps over to the right to have a go at the Indian Nellies.  In the centre of the front line went the pike with the Pk(S) spread as a front line in front of the nervous Pk(I), and then the right(opposite the Indian centre) started with Eumenes' 2 nellies and the cavalry and only the light horse screening , echeloned back against the entire right wing of the Indians.

The battle started with the Indians throwing their chariots against Eumenes centre left. Twice the elephants had 5-2s against the battle taxis, but they persevered and the battle raged back and forth. In the centre, Eumenes dived in quickly against some bow, which he dispatched. Meanwhile, on the right, Eumenes' light horse split off to the far right threatening to get around the back of the Indian right, whilst the cav spent the next three bounds being chased around the board by stampeding cattle like a bunch of girls chasing Benny Hill… The move by the light horse and the desire to keep chasing with the bovine boys meant that the Indian right  kept draining pips, meaning the superior elephants never got into action at all, which was fine by Eumenes, which would have been dandy if he hadn't got himself hard-flanked and killed in the centre. Back on the left, Eumenes' Ps had defeated their oppos and they and the Ax were now hard-flanking the chariots, for whom the bell was now tolling…The Nellies eventually bagged some more and the Indian left broke. And then night fell and the battle ended with a winning draw. Eumenes was thankfully found underneath his dead horse and was pulled out and dusted down for his next battle.

Which was against Steve Coope's Ptolomeistas..

Again not much terrain, just a bit of rough on the left.  For the only time in the game, Eumenes threw a six to double the oppo's deployment dice(damn!) so lined up, Ps command on the left, pikes in the centre and cavalry/elephants on the right wing. Ptolomy lined up against me with a large number of knights and one elephant on the right, together with some Ax(S), pikes in the middle and Ax(O) and some LH(O) on the left. Again Eumenes had a narrower frontage so was stretched pretty thinly, especially on the left. The battle started with a furious charge by Ptolomy and his knights/elephant and quickly tuned into a dice shocker for Eumenes as it rained with ones. Halfway through, Steve actually asked whether I practiced throwing ones? Anyway, Steve's nellie broke through Eumenes' line and he quickly counter-charged it with an overlap plus a Brilliant stroke and killed it – and then to his horror advanced after combat into a position where Ptolomy could hard-flank him. Now while Eumenes fully understood his predicament, his oppo didn't initially, and then spent around 10 long minutes pondering his response whilst Eumenes very, very quietly prayed for stupidity equal to his own. Alas, his prayers were not answered and suddenly, and visibly, Ptolomy realised he had a chance on the CinC.  In the attack went and Eumenes paid in full for his error. This disheartened both the command and its owner… but Eumenes must have had some good officers as they had enough pips to keep moving and the Eumenes' own Nellies now started to take their toll. First, Ptolomy lost a Cv(O), then a Kn(F), and then another as he kept searching for that half ME that would break the Asiatic right command. Then another knight went down and suddenly, there was a shot at Ptolomy himself, right up the Khyber…It was 4-3 against Ptolomy – but he luckily survived. Finally, the Egyptian cavalry wing, incredibly, broke and began to stream away…but Ptolomy wasn't finished, he had one last shot at a disheartened Cv(O) – and won thus breaking Eumene's own big command. In the last turn, on Ptolomy's left he charged his LH into my Psiloi and picked up enough units there and in the centre to break the army. A win for Steve – just – but with 40% casualties so at least I took something from it…

The final battle was against Antigonos(John Saunders), the scoundrel…Not too much terrain, just some woods on the right.  Again, Eumenes was invading, and Antigonos, typically, lined up with pike in the centre, Ax(O) and Nellies on the right with a cavalry wing on the left. So Eumenes again concentrated on left with the Ps screening the right against the woods. The Cv(O) and Eumenes phalanx attacked Antigonos' phalanx whilst Eumenes led a charge against his oppo's cav wing. The Nellies failed to make any impact on Antigonos' cavalry and neither did Eumenes himself, even with a Brilliant stroke - but on the far left, where it was a 3 LH(O) on both sides crap shoot, Antigonos got unlucky and lost. From that point it was hard-flanking all the way down the Antigonos' cav wing, which broke and then, in the centre, another hard-flank against Antigonos himself in the phalanx broke that command too and it was all over very quickly – for the loss of just one LH(O).

A great day, three great opponents and three great matches.

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