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Sweet Betsy from Pike

Page history last edited by John Hickman 8 years, 10 months ago



They say in Warhammer a charge is okay
If you win the fighting and foe runs away
But in DBMM your foe will just glee
If you don't do double and he will but flee

I started the battle with a skirmish at right
My light horse was eager, they looked for a fight
But when they are (S) they are impetuous gang
They charged a Bow block and they died with a twang

I cruised around the table with my fast light horse
Seeking for flanks and I spied Kn(O)
Forgot I have no more quick kill - so it went
I got second best and my light horse was spent

The foeman went marching with his pike phalanx
I thought I would answer with my elephants
My plan went just well and I killed block or two
But flankguard of psiloi turned my mood quite blue

I let loose my warband, I said them "Let's go!"
His Huscarls stood steadfast, they're Blade (S), you know
Chop chop chop, chop chop they - slammed and they crashed
It was now his bound and my warband was smashed

I thought I'd save many a point if I take
Lethargic c-in-c who's inert and fake
I got nine more Cv, but oh, what a cost
It drained me off pips when I needed them most

So come all you gamers and listen to me:
If you wish DBMM player to be
Go read though the rulebook and read it so well
A rules lawyer can make the game one big hell!

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