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2 65 Early Visigothic

Page history last edited by Rob Brennan 9 years, 5 months ago


315AP, Alaric by William Coughlan

4 Kn(F)
6 0r 7 Reg Lh(O)
Possibly some Ps

2xSub Generals Kn(F)
24 warband each
and some Ps

Baggage command, 6 Reg Bg(I) and a Ps

Ok so it was on a small table but Alaric can swap dice with his nearest (if in range) Sub generals and one can lose a lot of war band!

I am thinking of adding the extra few Reg Lh(O), (good job they are regular or else hungry horses) and the Maximum reg Ps(O), two commands of 32 Warband and as much Ps as one can squeeze in! A bit one dimentional yes but should be good for a laugh!

And Bg(I) coz Alaric can not get TF for Reg Bg(O) which is strange for a Roman General!

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