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Marians at the FMC

Page history last edited by Rob Brennan 9 years, 8 months ago

here is a very brief account of my Marian Romans at the FMC2011.
I am most naturally a member of the anti-Roman, effete Easterner camp but
since I had painted these guys for a campaign last year I wanted to see if
I could use them in a comp. The FMC format of small boards was attractive,
unfortunately the low AP made things challenging, but you can't have everything.
It was also likely that there would be Wb and KnS armies at the event...hmmm.
Anyway I decised that I wanted something that could quickly mince through an
Inert WoC army that might also be favoured by some at the event. Hence I
went looking at the BdS options of the list...Caesar, no, a mix of BdS/BdO was
too complicated, Sulla, 24BdS minimum err no thanks at 315AP, hence I landed
on Lucullus ... hmmm he has to be Brilliant too, oh well in for a
penny, in for a pound!
My list was:

c1: 1xR BdS Brilliant CnC, 8xR BdS, 7x I PsO, 1x I ElI - 28.5ME
c2: 1x R CvO SG, 6xR BdS, 4x I AxS - 24ME
c3: 1x R CvO SG, 1xR AxS, 2xR PsS, 4xR PsO - 12ME
army baggage: 6xR Bg(F)

Game 1 vs Edmund Barrett with Early Crusader
Ed's list was pretty good based on the BdS/KnO seige of Antioch
version of the E Crusaders *but* it was a great matchup for me.
Fairly open table and Ed deployed his commands a bit too evenly across
the board so I could gang up on one of them made mainly of SpI with a
couple of BdS/KnO (my left flank), including doubling a bound 1 siz
PIPs with my CnC to ensure he had BdS coming at him from front + flank
despite having deployed well back. I threw my AxS vs his BdS in the
centre as I knew from practice games that they could hold them up for
a long time. Thus it came to pass and I broke the command on the left
and piled into the flank of his centre. I narrowly avoided losing 10%
so 25-0 to me. It was actually a much closer game than the score
suggests and in particular I found it very hard to re-group and
exploit my breakthrough with my BdS on the left and he did manage to
engage my CnC and slow down my attack.

Game 2 vs Alec McTurk with Palmyran
Eeek. OK, my mantra for the event was to treat the BdS as SpS and to
not run away from mounted. Actually vs KnX they were even better since
he is I.
The board was narrowed by a river but widened sharply at my side. Alec
deployed 1st, a wall of KnX close to the centre line with his foot
skulking in the rear and a (unreliable) micro LPIA allied command on
the other side of the river. I had a gentle hill on my right, towards
my base edge. I decided to try and box in the cataphracts with my BdS
but unfortunately he was so wide I could not go 2 deep everywhere and
I refused my right on the gentle hill. Basically I advanced,
threatened his CnC with my El and then he rearranged his line to pull
the CnC out and instead face my El with some LHF. At that point I did
a 180 degree turn with my CnC's infantry command and brought it back
towards my baseline and the more active support of the SG's Bd on the
hill. Alec came forward but couldn't hit me, next bound I reformed by
line and started to threaten his right (since the Rv protecting his
flank widened out). He charged my reformed line that was a mix of 1+2
BdS deep, 2 KnX died, putting gaps in his line, that his LHF+CnC
struggled to fill since my El was hovering around the back of my
lines. He was on the back foot from then but of course I needed to
make lots of fairly committed moves to take on the the rest of his KnX
(2 commands worth of them). Eventually his CnC broke and ally changed
sides, plus a few losses from the other KnX command. Of course I had
taken losses along the way, it ended 22-3 in my favour.

Game 3 vs Willie Coughlan with early Visigothic
I was 10 points ahead of the field at this point but I didn't really
have much vs a Wb army as I knew I'd just get swamped and the nice Reg
CnC/Bge option of the Visigothic list gives a bit more control +
resilliance, hence I re-deployed only 1 flank and tried to fight
mainly his KnF/LH command but not as successfully as in the last game.
I probably engaged too much with my skirmish command but is was v hard
for the Wb to dislodge them uphill on a gentle hill.
Anyway I lost my c2 due to making an overcommitted move with a line of
BdS (I was keen to get them into the Kn since the Wb were getting
around at my Bg) that left my flank dangling and hence 4ME
available...which Willie of course plucked. Anyway I had his Kn
command disheartened at the end of the game but that was about it:
11-14 in Willie's favour at the end

Anyway that was enough for 2nd, I am v. happy with that, it could have
gone very wrong as the army was high risk (as my practice games
I will not be using them on full sized tables at the Celtic
Championship in May...most probably.

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