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Somethink Seasonal

Page history last edited by John Hickman 8 years, 10 months ago



`Twas the night before Christmas; I sat to peruse
the lists in Book Four to see what I would use
In Cork where the Munster Open is planned
For lists medieval – are Tupi still banned?

My choice is restricted: I really can't paint
An entirely new army. Let's face it I ain't
A fast brushman so probably I'lI
Have to make do with the stuff in my pile

A pity – I'd actually fancy the Swiss
Or Catalan Company even though this
Should really be blade F according to Jim
Though Phil seems reluctant to listen to him.

I could wing it with Tlingit to give all a laugh
But four hundred points? I've only got half!
I might pick Chinese: there's Yuan and Ming
Far Eastern armies are my kind of thing

I could go with Irish – there's two in the book
But be realistic: I'd need lots of luck
Although they're the armies that I love the most
Against most opponents they're probably toast

My Tudors at first glance should be pretty strong
Superior billmen and English bows (long)
But I took them to Paris and - quelle domage!
In my hands they stank like the rankest fromage

Mongols were great in an earlier draft
Of the rules but now it would be pretty daft
To choose them: I fear you need rather a lot
Of skill and be honest – Lorenzo I'm not.

The French would be OK on foot or on horse
Or could morph to Italian Condotta, of course.
But nothing especially jumps out at me
Perhaps I should take a good look at Book Three?

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