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4 21 Anglo-Irish

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400AP, 1205AD, Justicar's Army, Draft DBMM Lists by Mick Hessian

C-in-C's command of 9 Kn(O) and 8 mounted Bw(O)

Sub-general's command of 8 Ostmen Bd(I), 8 colonist Bw(O) and Irish – 9 Ax(O) and 6 Ps(S) plus 1 Bge(I) with the general as Bd(S)

2 allied commands, each of 3 Kn(O), 6 Sp(I), 4 Bw(O) and 2 Ax(O)


400AP, 1205AD, Rebel Army, Draft DBMM Lists by Mike Whelan

C-in-C's command of 11 Kn(O) and 2 Irish Ax(O)

Sub-general's command of a Bd(S) general, 6 Bd(O) sersenaigh, 2 Irish Ax(O) and Ostmen: 4 Bw(O) and 7 Bd(I)

Allied command of 3 Kn(O) and a few Irish Ax and Ps

Manx allied command of Bd(O) and Bd(I) with a few Ax(O), all mounted

Baggage command of 6 Bge(F)

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