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Britcon Report

Page history last edited by Rob Brennan 9 years, 11 months ago

A report on Britcon ? not much detail on actual games as I am not very
good at remembering them I am afraid.

A little background is required to my choice of army for this years
Britcon. Last year, on the Sunday night at Britcon, Greg Mann and I were
sat in the Russian restaurant and came up with a bet for the following
year. We both had to take an army with at least 6 non-general elephants in
it. Remember this was when elephants cost an extra pip to move with foot
supports so we both thought it restricted us to sub-optimal army choices.
The higher placed would nominate a charity and the lower would make a £50
donation to that charity.

So the competition loomed and I had to choose an army. I have Classical
Indian, Hindu Indian, Tamil Indian, Khmer, Burmese and Siamese to choose
from. I opted for Siamese because the army list has changed significantly
(thanks Wayne) and it would be an impetus for me to rebase and reorganise
the army. The final composition was as follows (all Irregular, the Psiloi
can support the Bd and the Ax):

C-in-C as El(O), 2 El(O), 5 Bd(F), 4 Ps(O), 2 Bts(O) ? 18 ME
Sub as El(O), 2 El(O), 4 Bd(F), 4 Ax(O), 5 Ps(O) ? 18 ME
Sub as El(O), 2 El(O), 4 Bd(F), 4 Ax(O), 5 Ps(O) ? 18 ME
Ally as El(O), 2 El(O), 4 Bd(F), 4 Ax(O), 5 Ps(O), 2 Bge(I) ? 18 ME
Army Baggage ? 6 Bge(I), 1 Ax(O)

I also took the scouting stratagem as after last year, I did not want any
night attacks?

Game 1, Keith Nathan with Later Muslim Indians. Beer drunk, 19-6 to me.

Game 2, Greg Mann with Hindu Indian. I don't come to competitions for
historical games?. And yet two semi-historic(ish) ones already. Greg
butchered a front line of Bd but my elephants counter attacked manfully.
Two crucial combats which I won. Both took out 6 ME of troops (El with El
general behind etc) to win 18-7.

Game 3, Brian Pierpoint with Romanian Frank. Not a good matchup for Brian.
Played as Barker intended, head on? Brian did take a General down to bag a
point. 24-1 to me.

Game 4, Dave Pallin with Wars of the Roses. The board had a navigable
river running down it and some heavily wooded hills. We both moved so we
were facing each other across the short side of the board. Dave had Bw(S)
and Art(I) waiting across the river so I wasn't going to cross. I had
elephants covering a gap between difficult terrain packed with Ps, Bd and
Ax which Dave was not going to come near. We agreed a draw ? 12-13.

Game 5, David Houston with Alexandrian Macedonian. As I was top I did not
feel like taking risks. The terrain fell kindly so I could deploy with
almost my whole army in two large scrubby grounds. If I came out to face
Dave's pikes, even though I have the quick kill my dice would need to be
great. Dave only had 7 auxilia (3 superior) so did not fancy entering the
rough. Another draw 12-13. A competition and I was being sensible.

Game 6, William Coughlan with Italian Condotta. William had been in the
pub when the bet had been made. So his Italians had 2 Art(O) and 2 Art(I)
!! Luckily we had a strong wind blowing in Williams armies face for the
whole game. Bow range reduced and 1 factor off his artillery. I had great
pips and managed to get Bd(F) into his Art early to take that threat out.
William dismounted the Kn(O) as he felt Bd(S) was better for facing me.
The way my dice went the Bd(S) were little more than roadkill to the might
of the Siames Royal Elephant Corps. 23-2 to me.

A great Britcon, many thanks to Geoff for umpiring and all the BHGS guys
for organising. All my opponents were great and I met some good new
people. On the whole DBMM attracts the "right" kind of players and I could
count on 1 finger the players I would not want to play.

More importantly I won "The Bet". Thanks to extra donations from some very
generous people (you know who you are) the amount was up to £105 which is
being donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Society ? a bitch of a disease
that affects both my brother and my Uncle.

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