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Sassanids at Warfare 08

Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 8 months ago

  I will try to give a brief account of Games 3, 4 and 5 at Warfare.

My army was entirely irregular and was composed as follows;


Cv(S) CinC, 6 Cv(S), 6LH(F)


Cv(S) Gen, 10Cv(S)


Cv(S) Gen, 7Cv(S), 4 Ax(S)

Hun Allies

Cv(O) Gen, 13 LH(S)

Game 2 Chris Jolley's Marians

Chris was attacker and deployed first. He deployed a Numidian ally on

a GH to his right, 2 Infantry commands in the centre, side by side

with some LH and Ps support and a large Cv command in column to his

left. I deployed Huns against the Numidians, Blue right of these,

Green next to it with the Ax covering a small marsh on my right flank

and Red behind Blue and Green.

Chris moved his Cv to threaten mt exposed right flank and pushed Ax

into the Marsh covered by my Ax. My first bound saw the Huns go

unreliable. Thereafter the next few rounds were spent holding  the

main lines while jockeying for position on my right flank. I was able

to cover the gap between the covered marsh and one near the side

edge, and Chris did not actively contest this. I also pumped pips

into getting the Huns active (4 bounds or so).

I pushed  Blue and green forward and Chris brought the infantry

forward to meet them. I then turned and fell back just as the Huns

became live. They then took out the numidians and also fell on the

exposed flank of the infantry to give me a 25-0 win

Game 3 Bob Kendalls Gauls

This was a poor match up for Bob. He deployed between woods and

should really have stayed there, but gamely came out and engaged me.

I had to spread quite thinly to cover the whole deployment but went

in against the WB while covering his Cavalry. The WB started to get

chewed up but in one round he killed two Cv(S). I could not cover

both gaps but his next pip dice stopped him from exploiting this. In

the end the Huns managed to get round the Wbs flank for the coup de


Game 4 William Coughlans Carthaginians

I invaded Africa. William placed a couple of large marshed in my half

of the table. He then deployed Cv and LH on his right and left of

those his large Sp/Wb group. To their left was a line of 8

Expendables with a LH command to their left.

I deployed Huns left covering the Cv/LH Blue in the left hand marsh

with Red behind them, and Green between the two marshes.

The Huns and Blue moved forward to engage the Cv and Infantry. Green

made the mistake of engaging the Expendable and got torn to pieces

but by that time they were completely fragmented and no further

threat and remnant of Green and detached elements of Red took them

out. Red faced off the LH. Blue was holding its ground with the

infantry until the Huns again attacked the flank. William made a lung

with the LH to shore up the position but did not arrive in time and

the Cv and Infantry were broken for an 18-7 win.

All good games played in an excellent fashion. Cv(S) was very

effective but it must be said that in all cases the enemy came out to

meet me. Also the Cv(S) did not defeat anything on its own. In all

cases the flank had to be turned by the LH to get the victory. I feel

the Chris could have made more of my inactivity in the early bounds

to actively attack my flank.This would have denied me Pips to

activate the Huns  which in tur would have meant the any attack in

the centre was out of the question for me.  Had Bob exploited the

hole in my line this battle may have turned. William could perhaps

have done more with his LH to attack the flank of blue while denying

Red the chance to get involved. Many what ifs and my opponent may

have other views about this. Also its easy to be wise in hindsight.

 There may be an argument here for giving Cv(S) an extra AP. If I had

3 less elements as a result the outcomes may have been different. My

commands would have been more fragile and I would have been very

stretched in some deployments. No change to the rules needed IMO. The

interactions all worked well.

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