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NatCon 09

Page history last edited by Rob Brennan 11 years, 4 months ago

With a small competiion of 6 ppl and 5 rounds w played a pre-drawn round


I took the Nikes -

CinC, 5 Cv(S), 6 Bw(X)/(O) DBE's

S-Gen, 5 Cv, 4 Irr Sp(O), 2 Irr Bd(O)

S-Gen, 4 Cv, 2 Irreg Ax(S), 2 Reg Ps(S)

S-Gen, 4 Reg Lh(S)

8 Bg, 8 TF

Game 1 vs Ivan Truong's Portuguese.

Ivan set up along his base edge with the English opposite my left flank,

hten some Kn(O) with associated infantry, hten hte CinC with all the

Kn(S), then another command of Kn (O) & some light infantry in a march

protecting his flank.  There wre some Lc scattered among hte commands too.

I thought I'd try to attack both flanks so moved forwards to them,

wheeling my archers from the centre towards my right.

Ivan responded by sending hte Irr Kn out to the flanks too - so I

switched and tried to come back to the centre...it almost worked! :)

By the end of 4 hours I was among the English MAA (who had marched to

the centre along a road across Ivan's base edge - Ivan mande a lot of

use of roads to increase his manouvreability over the weekend) & had

killed a couple and had little between me & the baggage except a

scattering of LH & a general - I was within my move of the Bg.

Most of the Irr Kn were out of the flanks although 1 command had managed

to wheel around and was coming back in, and the Reg(S) ones had not

actually left but wer too far from hte CinC and short of PIPs to

redeploy & fight.

But time was up.....casualties were light - 1/10 each - so 13-12 to me

by virtue of being the invader.

Game 2 vs Andrew Bennett's Late Carthaginians

Benny had a Spanish ally, 1 command of mainly Sp + Ax, another of Cv,

and a 3rd with Numidians - both the later with 2 El each and also

including a fair number of Ax & Ps.

There was a lot of terrain on the table - a wood on his side of the

tagbe right in the middle (can you say ambushing Ax(S)??!!, another on

his base edge opposite my right, and a massive area of rocky ground

covering much of the left side.

The weather turnd out to be rain & mud, which remained for the whole

game.  The mud didn't do anything, but hte rain was obviously a problem

for my archers.

I advanced my Skutatoi up to the wook figuring I'd force him to fight by

shooting, which duly occurred.  My Aux & Ps also attacked hte wood &

with stunning dice rolls killed all their opponents over 2 or 3 turns.

The Skutatoi weren't quite so good & had to have a Cav bolster the line

when a gap appeared....but with the Cav there the Carthaginians backed

off deeper into the wood.

On my right Benny had bought his spearmen out from the flank protection

of the wood, and they and ht Varangians got stuck into each other -

however my Cv & the Bd proved a bit of advantage & the Africans and

Spanish soon found themselves broken.  But ut hadn't been bloodless, nd

the reinfocements from the centre - 2 elephants - trampled many of the

Russians & some Cv(S) & in turn broke that command.

In hte centre Spanish & Gallic cavalry launched charge after charge onto

the Byzantine archers - but neither side was able ot gain an advantage.

Back on the left the remaining elephants and the Spanish ally had

advanced, and an epic struggle occured between them and hte Byzantine

cavalry and light horse - there were elephants lapped around, pursuing

forwards, Ax throwing themslves into the fray to cut out overlaps, etc.

Thre were casualties on both sides, and by the last move both the

remaining Carthaginian commands were disheartened...then hte Spanish

threw 1 more Ax into the fray to remove an overlap....but alas it rolled

a 1 and died!

And that put Benny's army 1/2 ME over 1/2 the army lost...the straw that

broke the back....and a hard fought 16-9 win to me - I'd lost 40% of my

army & 2 commands were neigh on broken or dishearten.


Kendall Blue's Medieval Germans were my morning opponent - facing my

left was the CinC as (Teutonic?) Kn(S) with a couple more Kn(S), 2 WWg &

some Lh & Cv, a Swiss pike block next to them, then a command of 4 WWg

with dismounted Kn Bd(S), and lastly another of Kn(I) with a Cv & Lh - 3


The Swiss were unreliable - apparently for the 3rd time in 3 games - but

in this one they did respond to prompting later in the game.

I learned quite a lot about WWg in this game - they were opposite the

Varangians & there was quite a tussle going on for a long time between them.

However the game was won and lost on the flanks - the German CinC had

terrible PIPs for several turns & couldn't get his Lh away from my Cv &

they were caught and duly slaucghtered in the approved fashion.  The Kn

came in and fought hard for a while, killing a couple of Cv but 3 of

them vs 10 Cv wasn't really a winning proposition for him.

On the far right flank the Irr Kn(O) also often lacked PIPs and my Lh

command picked off 1 here, another there, the cavalry with the

Varangians also killed 1 and so it broke too - and that was that.

22-3 to me

My afternoon opponent was John Calnan with Ottomans, and I let this one

get away from me :/

John had a Serb ally & otherwise a fairly standard Ottoman army - lots

of Lh & Cv(O), a few Reg Cv(S), some Irreg Cv(S), Bw(S) and Bd (O), and

a singe Art(S) because he knew his club mates were bringing WWg! :)

Again I went for the flanks - my CinC lefthe Skutatoi a long way behind

and headed to the right flank where most of the Ottoman Lh were, plus I

flank marched on the left flank with the Varangians.

I had the command with my Ax on my left flank with the infantry in some

scrubby ground there, but I bought that cavalry into the centre, where

it opposed the Irr Sipahis.

On my right the game went according to plan - my better Lh & Cav was

handily defeating the Ottoman Lh & Cv(O) there

On hte left my flank march arrived...but I mad a grievous error here,

and dcided that the hill with Bd, Cv(S) & an Art(S) in front of it was

too tough - so marched the cav around back to the main battle - wher eit

failed to arrive in time ot do anything - had I attacked hte hill I

would have diverted the Ottomans - his Cv(S) from there proved decisive

in the centre later...

So - in the centre my Cv(S) broke through his, wityh a little help from

archery, but then I failed to break the command - miscalculating how

many ME's I needed I went for a Lh instead of lapping a Cv(S) - I killed

ht Lh, but it didn't break the command, and bought me closer to the

Regular Sipahis coming from the hill where htey were no longer needed to

oppose my flank march...oops!

The Janisaries were engaged vs my Ax & Skutatoi to hte left, and much

out of the main fight, although my flank marching Varangians had reached

them, but too late to make any difference.

In ht end I think John had 2 disheartned command and about 40% losses, I

had 1 broken and 30% losses, so 15-10 to me.


My last game was against Brett Breston-Thomas with the EAP using all the

fantas...errr...Cyrus's tricks! :)

Brett had obviously worked hard on how to use WWg(S) - lots of roads for

htem to march along quickly (although he didn't realise it was for 0

PIPs for their 1st march move......until I pointed it out!!)...and of

cours they hunted down my Bow at every availabl opportunity (since WWg

QK bow!)

Brett was coming 2nd about 7 pts behind me, but Ivan (3rd) quickly

demolished Kendall in his last game for the onloy 25-0 of hte comp, and

requiring me to get at least 14 pts to maintain top spot...so "just"

going for a draw wasn'treally an option!

I invaded Persia & they put down a couple of dunes - which ended up near

the middle of the table on Brett's side next to each other and

effectively blocking the right third of it for me...and of course being

hte obvious location for the Camels!

2 roads went from his stide more-or-less striaght to mine - 1 through

the dunes, the other down the other side of the table - but far enough

from the edge os a WWg could deploy on it!

A BUA along that 2nd road completed the relevant terrain.

I set up with my archers opposte the dunes - I wanted the WWg to be on

that road & then I planned to march away.  I delayed my light infantry

and had my light cavalry in ambush behind a small hill well out on hte

left flank.

Brett dutifully put 2 WWg on the road through hte dunes, the other on

hte road on hte other flank, and 2 of his his scythed chariots also on

that road.  The 3rd was on his base edge - obviously it was intended to

come into play much later in the game.

Between hte dunes and the BUA was a line of Bw(X)/(O), and in reserve 15

or 18 (?) Cv(O) & miscellaneous light troops arranged to face potential

flank marches.

T1 and the chariots came barreling down the road at 480p/march move - 2

such moves put them right in the face of the varangians!  By hte dunes 2

WWg in column came down th road - at 400p/turn they were well on my side

of hte table immediately too.

 From then the Scythed chariots killed both Varangian Bd befroe being

desptched by my light cavalry - the 3rd one killed a Sp later on too -

making this their best game of the competition!

I managed to kill 1 WWg(S) with Cv, but my archers couldn't run away

fast enough and the remaining one managed to kill a couple and failed to

be killed by more cavalry.

I sent my light infantry into hte BUA on my left - his line was beyond

it and his light troops there threatened my flank.  Eventually my Sp &

Cav reached his line, with much fighting and shooting - a couple of

Cv(S) were shot down...1 got lapped by his Cv before my attack was

properly formed, and generally things wre not going well.....I lost the

varangian command broken (the casualties caused by the Exp did matter!),

and disheartened his CinC but couldn't "close the deal" despite a

furious attack in the last couple of turns.

so 15-10 to Brett, and Ivan leap frogged past us both to win! :)

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