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Marian Roman vs Pontic

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  The Pontics invaded

The key terrain was a follows - from the Pontic position

a Marsh on the left near the Pontic side of the middle line and an

Orchard on the far right again towards the Pontic side of the centre


In the Roman deployment area was a scrubby hill right of centre

Again from the Pontic position the Romans deployed back but with 8

Bds in the centre 4 x 2 with the sub and on the far right the Ax(S)

and the LH

to the left of the centre were the other block of the legionaries

with the German Cav in line supported behind by the Ps extending out

on the left.

None of the legionaries looked particularly old or inexperienced.

We shall gloss over what happened with the baggage - mix up whether

off table or on - in the end they were behind the central command

The Pontics worked out that a command was missing but where ?

No 3rd general visible

Fortunately we had a scouting stratagem which detected the presence

of a Bd behind the scrubby hill crest - although one LH and a Ps

didnt get back to report.

The Pontics deployed with Pharnaces and his light command on the left

intending to push through the marsh and swarm the Romans opposite

(the germans) supported by the Scythed Chariot between his command

and - the heavy foot in the centre with skirmish support under the

dutiful command of Bituitus the Galatian

Mithridates himself stood on the right with his mounted command

including the mighty horse lords

His Scythian shamans were leading the menagerie but had not yet

arrived following a hectic night - (that stag does like to party).

The Romans took first move and spurred on by the the magic mules

began to manouevre wonderfully - the germans pushed wide and forward

with the Psiloi coming forward to take on the chariot. Slow move in

the centre but the surprise was the other 3 blades AND an Elephant

behind the hill crest (that expalins what happened to the scouts)  -

the elephant unfortunately was aimed straight at the horse lords who

although partial to elephant steak aint too keen to have a live one

near them.

on the Pontic right the Ax an LH began to come forward to threaten

The Pontic first turn saw a poor 1 for Pharnaces so the Ax didnt get

out the Marsh to support the scythed chariot who had to go forward

impetuosly towards the waiting German Ps (no pips to wheel it towards

the legionaries.  In the Centre Bituitus screamed at the Galatians to

stay put whilst he tried to rearrange the skirmishers to see off the

elephant and rescue the horse lords.

Mithridates similarly told the horse lords to stay put - eyeing the

advancing Roman blades whilst getting his more steady mounted to slow

up the advance.

The game then played out in essence the Scythed chariot and Elephant

performed similar roles causing both centre/centre rights initial

problems in reacting to the danger - The scythed chariot in the end

carved through a couple of Ps before finally hitting a column of

blades redeploying in the flank - it did this during its pursuit so

the blades had the opportiunity to react (and Germans swarmed the

chariot killing it but breaking up that flank badly which the Ax

capitalsed on - that command lost 3 German Ps and a german Cv and

finshed disheartened -Pontic losses were an Ax(S) 6-1d  by a Ps(S) in

the first combat in the Ax turn - standard bearer as well - typical

and another Ax(S) - and obviosuly the chariot.

In the centre and the centre right - the intervention of the Ps and a

LH sacrifice slowed the elephant enough that the horse lords were Ok

and charged the double ranked bd - first charge they had it all going

their own way - overlapped each end of the line but armed with

feather dusters - they all bounced  - Toby did not go back to contact

next turn when they are at their most vulnerable (he forgot he wasnt

Qkd that bound) - In the next bound with no overlaps the horse lords

made their presence felt taking out 3 legionaries from the central


On the far right the fight between the mounted resulted in a slow win

to the Pontics which coupled with the legionary loss dishearted that

command - now the Pontic foot engaged as well and coupled with the

horse lords breaking through collapsed the Roman centre -

"Cometh the hour cometh the horse lords"

disheartening both wings - the cry of "Hoi you lot haven't you got

some homes to goto" led to the end of the game - with the Romans on

the verge of complete defeat -Pontic casualties were minimal (one Kn

did die to the Roman sub gen who valiantly charged in to atone for

his defeat.)

The game was probably dictated by the use of the 2 expendables (I

will class the El as an expendable here as that is exactly how Toby

used it) and the reactions they both caused -

As ever a very enjoyable game - which didnt take long to play once we

had finished yakking - we played about 6 bounds I reckon.

Despite the wide difference in the casualty loss (I suspect it would

have concluded 25-0 as the Pontics had lost 8%) it was a tense game -

cracking stiff as ever.

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