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Kushans at NiCon 08

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 6 months ago

   Posted by: "cam_millar" cam_millar

   Date: Mon Jun 2, 2008 11:08 pm ((PDT))


I took the 400AD Kushans to Nicon, a 25mm 450AP (+10AP for

strategems) comp in NZ. My army list was:


CinC KnX, 4 ElO, 8 Irr LhS, 6 AxO

Sub KnX, 6 KnX, 9 Irr LhS

Sub KnX, 6 KnX, 9 Irr LhS

Army Baggage, 6 BgF

Feigned Flight, Ambush


I think Irr LhS troops are interesting (although as I will note in a

forthcoming rant post, IMO they don't seem to act like steppe light

horse).  They have a number of interesting features that work well in



Impetuous, but only 1 pip to hold

Mounted (incl El) can move through them

Don't count most foot as overlaps in their bound

(S) grading is powerful on attack

Can choose to repulse on equal and often when losing

Spent against most foot


The plan of attack was to put the LhS up front, and if they ran into

anything too tough, push the El and/or KnX thru.  The LhS

impetuousness would be used to pressure regular opponents all across

the table, and outflank if possible.


Game 1: v Maori


Very straight forward game.  Steep hill and waterway on my left (but

strong wind meant the Maori waka fleet could not be used) and a wood

on right.  He lined up his BdF and I went into him with the LhS.  Not

as successful as I thought it would be (the LhS had run over WbS in a

prior game) killing some but with a few LhS getting killed as he

turned onto their flanks.  So time for the heavy troops, with the El

and KnX  moving thru the LhS.  The El stomped all over the BdF

(reversing a few times to make sure the remains were spread thinly on

the ground), and the Maori broke.  23-2 to me.


I do think in this game we got the grading factors wrong quite a bit -

 forgetting the double -1 for F troops beaten by LhS in the LhS

bound, and also giving the LhS +1 when losing in bounds they should

not have got it.  I detest the (S) grading factors!


Game 2: v Nik Byzantines.


Mike C has already covered this game.  In an open table, I put the

LhS in front with the KnX and ElO some way behind.  The LhS went

forward (partly due to me not realising just what a bad matchup LhS v

CvS is, partly due to poor pips).  The LhS were slaughtered.  By the

time I got the KnX and El up my army was near breaking - Mike just

needed to kill the odd KnX.  The CvS simply danced around me

(regulars with 5 pip dice and a couple of pip dumps).  I had no

answer and conceded for a 25-0 loss.


Game 3: v Mughul Indian


This was my most interesting game - with difficult match ups for both

sides to deal with. Table was fairly open. While his 6 ElS was a

nightmare for just about all my troops and the LhS had to stay away

from his CvS, his army was very small with some soft quishy bits

(BwI, Art, BdF) and the CvS were a target for the KnX and my El.  I

spent the first few bounds getting my AxO out of ambush to face his

biggest group of 4 ElS, and redeployed some KnX to face some CvS on a



While this was happening we both made an error.  He thought me

fluffing around was because I did not want to attack, so moved his

BwI and ArtI forward to tempt me to attack.  I meanwhile used pips to

send LhS columns off on both flanks.  I will come back to these

troops in a forthcoming rant email - but suffice to say here they

were never seen again.


With the BwI and ArtI now an easy target and the AxO finally in

position in front of his ElS, I went forward with the LhS and KnX.  I

cut thru the rubbish and the Aux dealt to a couple of elephants.

Meanwhile his ElS cut thru my LhS and then hit the KnX, elsewhere my

LhS consistently died when facing CvS.


Both sides losses were heavy and mounting, and the loss of just a few

2ME troops either way would swing the game.  In the end the KnX

finally got to the CvS - and cut them down.  A 20-5 victory, but

certainly one of those times the score does not reflect how close it



Game 4: v Nik Byzantines


The draw meant I got my chance to replay Mike C.  After my 25-0

drubbing from him, I worked out to win I would need (1) a battlefield

19 elements wide (the number of El, KnX and KnX generals I had), (2)

some way to stop him moving away from me too fast, and (3) to get

across the table very fast.


Cue terrain that gave me rough hills, woods and enclosed fields down

both flanks leaving a battlefield effectively 19 elements wide.  The

battle then started with 4 bounds of moonless night, so everyone

could only move 80p.  My middle command got a 6 then 5 for pips in

the first two bounds so I could "race" across the table.  When dawn

broke, KnX was parked just in front of his BwX/O, and my El and KnX

were not far from his CvS.


Mike had attempted to move a group on each wing to find a gap in the

flanking terrain barrier, but with only 80p moves they did not quite

get around in time to hugely influence the game.


The only wrinkle for me was getting 1 pip for my right hand command

just when I split my LhS into two groups.  I had to let one group of

LhS impale themselves on some CvS, but otherwise the KnX and El just

chewed the CvS in their path.  A 23-2 victory.




Overall a good weekend (if I exclude my baby getting sick and puking

on me on the flight home ...)  I will write another post about my

thoughts on specific rules, but I ultimately worry that DBMM is a bit

predictable.  The paper/rock/sissors model is stronger than in DBM,

and I felt in a number of the games one side had an edge (note I do

not mean a 100% edge, just more than 50% on equal generalship).

Where it was obvious, people set terrain accordingly, which

contributed to a number of dull looking draws or, if the terrain did

not fall correctly, a fairly predictable result.  None of my games

had me jumping for joy since they were largely a matter of getting

the right matchups on deployment and then moving forward.

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