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Kn(S) v Bw(I)  The definitive test  Medieval French v Western Sudanese

Page history last edited by Rob Brennan 11 years, 2 months ago

This was a "test" of Irr Bw(I) v Kn(S).  As previously discussed on

this forum.

Previous comments of "Kn(S) are for girls", "Real men use Bw(I)" and

"Kn(S) are rubbish against Bw(I)" had not been forgotten and now was

the time to deliver on the promises.

Since I was meant to be using Kn(S) I went for Medieval French with

the Inert General. This allowed me to take all 25 elements of Kn(S)

possible in the list - it looked like this:

CinC, 8 Irr Kn(S), 5 Irr Bw(O), 4 Ps(O), 10 Hd(O), 2 Bg(I). 36 ME

Sub, 7 Irr Kn(S), 4 Irr Bw(O), 6 Reg Bw(O), 11 Hd(O), 2 Bg(I). 37.5 ME

Sub, 7 Irr Kn(S), 4 Irr Ps(O), 12 Irr Pk(F), 2 Bg(I). 36 ME

Dave was using Western Sudanese.  I think it was:

CinC, 36 Irr Bw(I), 1 Ps(I), 1 Ax(O), 1 Bg(I), 1 Exp. 25 ME

Sub, 20 Bw(I), 3 Cv(O), 4 Ps(I), 1 Ax(O), 1 Exp. 19.5 ME

Sub, 20 Bw(I), 1 Ax(O), 1 Exp. 15.5 ME

Ally, 5 Cm(S).  14 ME

Strategems: Exaggerated Army Size.

We threw the dice and the Sudanese decided to invade France.  DT

whinged incessantly about this throughout the game, but with the

Sudanese being aggression zero and the French being aggression one I

didn't think it was that unlikely.  Anyway it was him that through the


I chose a Wood (Compulsory) and three Gentle Hills, Dave chose a

massive 2 FE Wood.  Both woods ended up on my left flank - which

effectly denied the end 24" for both armies.  The rest of the gentle

hills were inconsequential and played no part in the game - either

being on the table edge or amongst the woods.

We threw the deployment dice and it turned out that we were fighting

at night - 3 am to be precise.  However, since DT had chosen to attack

in Winter he was unable to enforce a night time attack and the game

started at sunrise.  This did however mean that the Sudanese would be

fighting the first three rounds with the sun in their eyes (or

dazzle).  I had to deploy first (and being inert) would also hand the

initative to the Sudanese, which wasn't ideal.

I deployed my sub with the pikemen on the left (the actual pikemen

were behind the woods as far as they could get from anybody with a

bow) with my four psiloi in the woods screening the knights left

flank.  The CinC was in the middle and the other sub on the right.  My

knights were 18 elements wide with some knights in the second rank

along with the generals.  My bowmen and remaining psiloi were deployed

slightly behind, ready to deal with the expected explodables.  The

horde and baggage were as far away from any potential enemy as was


The Sudanese deployed the CinC's command, with their flank resting on

the wood and the larger bow command to the right - 76 elements of

Bw(I) deployed fairly well back (the subby had the exaggerated army

size so the back 20 elements, unknown to me, were just a figment of my

imagination).  The Cavalry were deployed to the flank ready to protect

it or to carryout a grand sweeping manoever.  To my surprise there

were only 2 explodables initially deployed - both as far forward as

they could go, there was also a lone Ax(O) deployed as far forward as

possible and an Ax and a Ps in the wood on the left flank - both

clearly being used as blockers.  The ally command was deployed behind

both commands, practically on the base edge.

I reckoned that there was about 80 points missing, so was expecting a

flank march.  Clearly my maths was faulty as with the exaggerated army

size then there was only about 20 points missing...  Dave's plan was

clearly to use the explodables to buy time until the dazzle was gone

and then hit my army from the flank and the front, picking on the

juicy Horde and Bg(I) at the back.  I was planning to simply blast

through the peasants, who in reality are unfit to stand in the open,

on the far side of the table once the explodables had been dealt with.

The Sudanese went first and the explodables ran forward as fast as

they could, ending within charge distance of my knights.  The ally was

reliable.  The Cavalry began their movement forward, with the Ps(I)

embedded within the column.  I responded by moving a Psiloi to be in

front of one explodable and a Bw in front of the other - one Knight

had to dismount so that I could do the interpenetration.  Much jeering

ensued from the spectators (Dave Mather) and the other side of the table.

There followed a couple of turns of jiggery pokery with the

explodables and counter jiggery pokery from the French.  This resulted

in one dead Psiloi and one Knight dragged of his horse for the loss of

both explodables.  The Cavalry carried on their flanking manoever

which lead to two elements of Knights being detached from the main

line to deal with them.  Because of the "cunning" way that Dave had

lead the column with the general this resulted in a lot of pips to get

the cavalry sorted out with the Ps(I) in the second rank, the lone

"blocking" Ax was swiftly dispatched, which did disrupt the knights as

they were forced to follow up.  The Cavalry then charged when they had

the advantage, both combats were draws.

Having dealt with the explodables my Knights reformed the line (which

included remounting the chap who had dismounted) and began the steady

advance towards the bow.  The pesky Psiloi and Ax were dealt with on

the left flank by my Psiloi and the flower of the French nobility were

confidently headed towards the cowering masses of peasants in front of

us.  My Knights on the right charged the Cavalry.  DT seemed fairly

confident that Ps(I) provided support for cavalry against Kn(S), but

was dissapointed to discover this was only Kn(X).  Two Cavalry and the

two Ps(I) behind were destroyed and the rest (including the general)

scattered, 2 further Ps(I) were destroyed before they could retreat.

Importantly this put the commands lossed at 4.5 ME at this point.  One

of the knights was now heading towards the general on the flank and

the other towards the flank of the Bow line.

Obviously being scared that my Kn(S) were heading towards the Bw(I)

line DT completely lost his bottle and moved the Cm(S) through to

engage the Knights first.  One of the camels was sent of to deal with

the lone knight now threatening the flank of the bow.  Since I had

gotten fairly close it was now revealed that the third and fourth rank

were actually non-existent.  This co-incided with the arrival of the

flank march!

My Knights advanced some more on the left and prepared to deal with

the Camels on the right.  The Sudanese initial volley nicely

checkerboarded my knights into lots and lots of single elements,

fortunately my pips were good and I managed to maintain the general

advance.  Being Kn(S) it is not possible to die from shooting and

being Inert I wasn't spontaneous, so I wasn't bothered if it took a

few turns to get a good solid hit on the line.  On the right, my

Knight charged some bowmen who had been detached to deal with them and

rode them down.  This disheartened the initally deployed sub general's


The Flank March arrived and plodded forward for a couple of bounds,

nearly getting within bowshot of my Horde!

The Camels charged, with their general in the front rank.  They were

generally repulsed, apart from the end element who had been flanked

and was destroyed.  In my turn I flanked both the general on one side

and another on the other side.  Winning both combats would break the

command and with the additional 2 ME would also break the sub

general's command just behind.

My Knights on the left charged into the bow line of the undamaged

(apart from one Psiloi) Bow command.  The Camels were duly slaughtered

breaking both of these commands and the knights butchered 8 elements

of Bw(I) on the CinC's command which broke the Sudanese army.  The

Cm(S) general had the last laugh by 6-2'ing a Kn(S) when 3-1 down and

unable to recoil...

25-0 to the boys from France.  I had lost two Knights - one to an

explodable and one to a Cm general, some peasants were also trampled

by an explodable.  There were no losses to Bw.

Even if the Sudanese had another turn they could not hope to harm the

knights - because I chose to only follow up 30mm and not maintain

contact then the bowmen are unable to make contact with mounted they

can shoot at, so can't do anything really nasty.  Since it also costs

two pips to do anything then they would probably only have been able

to possibly kill one knight.  Of the six combats I won four destroying

8 Bw, drew one and lost one - which fled the Knight.  Even if that

knight had died (on a 4-4 combat, but unable to recoil, so not certain

by any means) then the command was dead - a further four elements (or

two combat wins) would have disheartened the command and then it would

have been absolutely torn apart.

There was a certain amount of whinging coming from the other side of

the table, mainly regarding being forced to fight in France.  I was to

busy gloating at this point to take any notice :)  "You have been

measured, you have been weighed, you have been found wanting".

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