It's Pants

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It's (DBMM) Pants


This page is inspired by the DBM Pants site at www.madaxeman.com. It is a collection of anecdotes from actual DBMM play where one of the players had a bit of a disaster in one of the following areas of incompetence:


1) Dodgy Deployments

2) Dicing disasters

3) Awful matchups

4) Bad lists

5) General brainfarts during play



1. Pits, What Pits? (by Greg Mann)

I was using Later Polish at the 2008 Challenge against Steve Rathgay's Akkadians. Steve set up a defensive line of Pikes and blades, some on a hill but with one flank slightly exposed on the flat. My Lithuanian ally was causing this flank a few problems as they kept getting off their horse to shoot at Pk(I). It looked like this was preventing Steve from advancing towards me.


After a while I had managed to line up all my knights against the Akkadian line on the flat and charged in, including two Kn(S) generals and was feeling pretty pleased with myself. Steve then puts out the hidden obstacles in front of where I had charged in. Now I know why he has not advanced his line! One knight burst through, but the rest were less than successful. I did not get enough PIPs to stop the remeaining knights going back in once the pits had been detected and the game did not last much longer. 


2. Dicing disasters. (by Adrian Coombs-Hoar)      

I played my first games of DBMM against 'live' opponent's at Rampage 2008. The first game was against Dave Mather and his co-conspirator son Cameron. My Gepids lined up and were in a perfect deployment and the terrain suited them as well. What a pity the combat die rolls did not match the pip die rolls though. I have truly never seen such abysmal die rolling in all my life. I don't think I rolled higher than a '2' with the combat dice the whole game! The upshot was the game was over in less than an hour, both cavalry wings having been totally shattered. And my Kn(F) were fighting Cv, which by rights they should have slaughtered!

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