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Hittite day trip to Guildford

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years ago

  Took the Hittites to Rays excellent Guildford one day gathering on

July 19th– army has not changed much since its Challenge 2007 days

(list over on http://dbmm.org.uk/forums/index.php?topic=82.0 )

although the Hd are slowly being replaced by Ps as I learn how to

use them in DBMM– Thought I would go for a couple of Reg Bd(F) for a

change – work with an ambush stratagem

Game 1 against Bob Kendalls Gauls

I invaded and the battle started at dawn.  Ended up deploying

first.  Nothing worth ambushing from – in fact it looked

suspiciously like the Gauls had an ambush (very convenient gully) –

Traditional Hittite deployment – Heavy chariotry on the left,

infantry in the centre with the mixed command on the right.

Opposite the chariots a mob of cavalry (yum yum) with a mass of

warband behind and on the left of them a suspicious looking gully–

warband in the centre (not so good) for my infantry and mixed cav

and warband on my right.

The Anatolian on the left leaped forward and shot all the way up to

the gully – poked his head in and promptly got 6-1d by the warband.

The chariots had moved forward to engage the cavalry – wary of what

was in the gully.  Slow move forward by the infantry – they were to

support the chariots success – intended a running scrap on the right.

Poor pips from Bobs Gauls (this command suffered all game from a

series of 1s) saw one group surge forward from the gully and the

other through their cav line to present a broken line to the Hittite

chariotry who duly charged. The Hittites slowly ground down the

warband – finally killing the necessary 16 or so to dishearten and

finally break the command.  Hittite casualties were somewhat light.

Nothing much happened in the centre the Hittite v chariots toying

with the cav whilst sniping off warband in preparation for the main

body breaking the Gallic right and turning on the centre.  The

infantry hovered just out of distance – not wanting to get too

involved yet.  The benefit of having some Ps support out front.  On

my right after a poor early showing – we basically played tag and

run using the light infantry (make good use of the repulse rule when

you can).

Time was called 15-10 to the Hittites – a good enjoyable game played

in good spirit.  First time I had met Bob look forward to playing

him again in the future.  Muwatallis managed 1 brilliant stroke

which was a poor PiP dice double.

A quick walk up the road past the picturesque church to the pub and

light lunch washed down by a pint of draft Cobra- not used to

drinking at lunchtime.

Game 2 and Tim Child and his Mycenaean Greeks Tim' s report is at


Tim seems to have a penchant for romantic armies whose generals

begin with the letter A.

He trumped my Stargate baggage with a rather well endowed 25mm Helen


Anyway a poor deployment by me (I blame the Cobra) saw the strike

chariots deploy on the right for a change – which given the

proximity of a difficult hill and the number for potential Ps in

Tim's army was somewhat foolish.

The infantry were in the centre ready to roll forward into Tim's

renowned 4 deep Sp (I).  Whilst the Cav chariots took the left for

once with the Bd(F) in ambush in difficult going on the left and

Psiloi behind on a hill.

The game evolved into in essence 3 sub games.  An intricate fight on

the right around the difficult hill with success ebbing and flowing

between my chariots and Tim's Psiloi.

A classic head butt in the centre after the skirmishers had clashed

and been withdrawn/spent.  The Hittite Pk/Wb combo slowly grinding

down the Sp(I).

And a battle round the skirmisher battle round the vineyard to turn

the flank where the Cv were slugging it out. Agamemnon and the

Hittite sub both being exposed at times as elements jockeyed for

positional advantage.

With casualties slowly mounting and players exhausted we got near to

the end of the game -hrs were certainly up – I didn't feel that

either would get a result and knowing Ray wanted to pack quickly

said to Tim to pack it up.  Tim insisted in playing the last bound

out – shortly after that Ray called last bound leaving me just to

finish my bound – I piled in doubled one PIP dice and began the last

round of combat – needing several elements to get a result.  The

Gasgans had contacted a chariot in the centre right and a Hittite

spear had lapped around it. We won that combat killing the chariot –

its command had taken a few of casualties up to then (the Wb (O)) so

I was not overly excited.  Tim then pointed out that this was

Achilles – the sub and the 4ME broke that command.  This along with

the other casualties inflicted that turn created the 2 ME domino

which broke Tim's army – suddenly the game was a 23-2 win for the

Hittites.  This placed me second (edging out Ian on the count back

as I had killed a general)

I dread the think how many combats we fought – had to pause for a

cup of tea at the end of each pair of bounds.  Exhausting but

exciting stuff.

I must admit to being impressed by Tim's army – it looked good, it

had romance and was quite a tough cookie  - Sp(I) are not the turkey

many have made it out to be - go deep and its like a big sponge

(with occasional teeth).. Its weakness lay in not having an

effective punch – all very well to absorb but somewhere you need to

do some hard killing.

Two elements deserve special mention in dispatches – one of Tim's Ps

(I) who took out 2 chariots and on of my Hittite scouts LH(I) who

held up Tim's Cav column for several bounds finally killing the lead

element –

A great day and 2 very good exciting games played in a convivial

style.   Only disappointment was Ray not letting me double a 6 as a

brilliant stroke to summon a starfighter through the Stargate –


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