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Han v Burgundian rematch

Page history last edited by John the Bold 11 years, 7 months ago

Battle Reports

Burgundian Han rematch.

Had a Sunday afternoon game between 400 AP of Burgundian Ordonnance and Han Chinese, a rematch of our previous game. On this occasion the Burgundians invaded China and the battle was fought on a plain studded with a few low hills, one of them rocky, and a single Orchard.

The terrain dicing put a gentle hill in my right hand baseline corner, and another to the left end of my deployment zone, but too near the edge of the table to be of much use. The rocky hill went to a more central part of my deployment zone, and the Orchard to the right flank sector of the Chinese line. The only terrain that had any impact on the game turned out to be the orchard, which secured the flank of the Chinese deployment, and the rock hill on which I deployed my artillery. The dicing had decided that no weather impact was noted.

Mikes Chinese deployed first:

Command one: 1 Cv(O) Sub General, 16 DBE Bw(X/O), 5 x Ps(O) ,

Command Two: 1 Cv(O) Sub General, 16 DBE Bw(X/O), 4 x Lh(F)

Command Three: CinC Kn(O), 4 x Kn(O), 6 x Cv(O), 4 x Lh(O).

Command Four: 4 Bge(F) Pip Dump.

Command one deployed with the ps(O) in the orchard, and a line of bw(X/O) running to the right from the Orchard, to meet up with command Two, the SG hiding behind the line of bows. Command two continued the line of Bw(X/O) to the right, with the SG tucked in behind, and with the flank covered by the Lh(F) in column. Command Three formed the right flank of the Chinese line, with the Kn(O) and 4 of the cv(O), and the CinC and 2 cv(O) in column to their rear. the Lh(O) formed the left flank of the mounted command and was partially tucked in behind the Bows. The baggage was deployed to the rear, and central to the infantry commands.

My Burgundians were unchanged from the previous outing and comprised:

Command One: Sub General Reg. Kn(O), 16 x Reg. Bw(X/S), 3 x Art(S).

Command Two: Sub General Reg. Kn(O), 7 x Reg. Kn(O), 2 x Bd(O), 2 x Ps(S), 6 x Art(I)

Command Three: Cin C (Charles) Inert Kn(S), 1 x Kn(S), 7 x Reg. Kn(O), 2 x Ps(S), 2 x Reg. Mtd Bw(S), 2 x reg. Mtd Bw(O)

Since I was using an inert CinC The Chinese got first bound, and as usual Mike got good PIP's. His plan gave the CinC the highest PIP's, and the lowest to the baggage, with the infantry commands averaging the remainder. .He held the infantry line still, but threw the Lh(F) from the infantry command out forward and to the right, hoping to draw out the left wing of the Burgundian army. The mounted command also moved out to the right, except that the lh(O) were sent racing across the back of the army towards the orchard to shore up the defences there.

I also got good PIP's first bound even allowing for the Inert reduction, and was able to throw the Right flank SG and his kn(O) towards the orchard, clear of the line of fire for the Chinese Bows. held position with my own Bows and artillery line, but advanced the CinC's command in a number of columns to counter the Lh(F) threatening the flanks.

This pattern of dicing and movement was then repeated, but I felt obliged to advance the Art(I) and the Bw(X/S) forward as I could not see the Chinese advancing into the artillery fire. As Mikes Command one swung out towards his left flank to threaten the Kn(O) I started to dismount some of the Kn(O) to be Bd(S), and advanced my Bw line towards his command two. The flanking Han Lh(F) seeing Charles and his kn(O) and the mounted archers heading in their direction then about faced and pulled back, but the mounted Han command pressed forward slowly to line up.

Early shooting at the Burgundian right flank command recoiled a column of Kn(O) and also recoiled the dismounted Bd(S), but there were no casualties. Following bound dicing saw more kn(O) dismount and the Bd(S) move back towards the Chinese foot., whilst the Burgundian archers closed on the other han infantry command. Charles now deployed his kn(O) into line, lined his mounted archers facing the Han Kn & Cv, and waited for the range to close. Now the shooting was more in earnest along the line. Although the Art(I) could not get into range,a and the Art(S) were well out of reach, the Han Bw(X/O) recoiled some of the bd(S) facing them, but had little other impact. The Burgundian archers were more successful, killing 2 DBE Bw(X/O) due to their being (S).

On the right flank I attempted to close with the Han Bw(X) with Bd(S) but this was slow due to recoils, but the SG managed to dismount all his Kn(O), except for 2 elements told off to face the orchard against possible flank intervention by the Ps(O) lurking there. The Burgundian Bw(X/S) re-addressed its lines and tried to overlap the Han archers facing them, whilst the Kn(O) and mounted archers of Charles' command advanced a little to get within Bow shot of the han Cv(O) and Kn(O). Despite the overlaps evidenced on both sides the shooting was disappointing. The bd(S) made a couple of press forwards moves against the han line, but other elements then got recoiled. The Burgundian Bw(X) disrupted the Han line but got no more kills, and the Mounted archers from the Charles' recoiled both their targets.

The subsequent bound saw nearly all PIP's used to redraw lines, and the han closed the gaps in the Command 2 line by single element moves towards the centre. The Burgundian Bd(S) closed on the Han line, and the 2 mounted wings faced each other at long bow shot, neither close enough to charge. In the following shooting, the han shooting was generally poor. A single element of Burgundian Bw(X) was recoiled and some Bd(S) recoiled, whilst others pressed forward. the Burgundian archers managed to kill another 2 DBE of Han Bw(X) and broke up the line a little more. One han Cv(O) was shot down by the mounted bw(S) in Charles command.

I was aware that the Han command 2 was getting close to disheartened and so I moved forward a little with the mounted command to put myself in charge reach of the Han Mounted, whilst edging forward with the Burgundian Bw(X) to close the gap on the stricken han. The Bd(S) also surged forward into charge reach of Han Command one. In the subsequent shooting the Bd(S) were recoiled in places but pressed forward in most, and the Han command 2 became disheartened when another DBE Bw(X) died. Realising that the crisis point had been reached, the Han mounted charged into the Burgundian Kn(O) and mounted archers. one element of kn(O) did not make contact with the end element of Bw(X), and was left hanging at point blank range. Unfortunately the shooting saw no conclusions but recoiled some Bd(S) and the Han Kn(O) that had exposed itself.

The crucial hand to hand went one way though. the han Kn(O) was generally bounced by the Burgundian opponents, and the one element that forced a recoil found itself double overlapped for next bound. Another Han cv(O) was killed in combat by the mounted Bw(S).

Final bound and the Burgundian flank command surged into combat. The Bd(S) managed to charge into contact with the Han Bw(X), with one element failing to make contact, and with the extreme left hand element overlapped by the Bw(X). The Burgundian Bw(X/S) could not make contact with the remnants of the Han Bw(X/O) line and remained stationery. The line of kn(O) from Charles command closed on exposed flanks and got a couple of Han Kn(O) flank locked. In the shooting, Han command 2 finally broke when another Bw(X) went down, and on the extreme right of the Burgundian line, the element of Bd(S) that had failed to make contact was able to press forward into contact. In the hand to hand combat the han Mounted command was broken when both flank locked kn(O) were defeated and a third Kn(O) died to Bw(X/S) shooting. Two commands broken, and the game was over before the infantry melee was resolved.

It was obvious that the Burgundian flank command could not be broken on 4(S):5(O) factors so we ended at that point. Post game analysis indicated that the (S) grade Bd were not going to be shot up by the han bows, and that the (S) graded Burgundian archers had been too much for their (O) grade opponents.

My deployment had Command Three in column on the extreme left flank, initially on the gentle hill, with Command one running to the right from there to the rocky hill, on which the 3 Art(S) were deployed. Command two formed the right flank with the art(I) continuing the line on the rocky hill, supported by the Bd(O) and with the Kn(O) and SG formed in a 2 deep block opposite the Orchard.


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