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Guelph v Ghibbeline

Page history last edited by Rob Brennan 12 years, 1 month ago

 > Duncan B and I played a 400pt DBMM game tonight. Milano v

> Siena/Pisa/Florence, the battle of the Inferior troops.


> Siena attacked in summer across fields with a steep hill on the right,

> and vineyards and woods on the left.


> Siena, whilst attacking, deployed first.


> The Sienese deployed with Florentine Communal Kn, Javelinmen (Ax) and

> Genoese mercenaries on the right, the Ax lined up to enter the steep

> hill. In the middle, Sienese militia(BdI, SpI, BwO) and Kn in reserve,

> with a similar command of Pisans on the left. The Sienese CinC was

> deployed in reserve with 2 wedges of German Knights, the Caroccio and

> Horde..


> The Milanese deployed a large central command of Sp, WWgX, BdI and Ax

> in the centre, Kn and militia CB facing the Pisans, and Communal

> Knights, LH and French mercenaries facing the steep hill.


> The Sienese tactics were based on the Germans. I thought DuncanB was

> planning his based around the French (Germans and French being the best

> troops in either army). The Sienese German knights pushed forward

> towards the Milanese foot with minimal support and smashed into a

> killed two Milanese axemen. The Milanese responded by getting some

> militia cross bow behind a wedge and killing it .


> On the right, Florentine Ax had taken the steep hill and brought up

> their Genoeses mercenaries to the edge of the hill. The Milanese

> responded by moving up their foot in an attempt to dispute the hill. As

> it was, the Milanese Ax got caught in front of the genoese and shot down

> ( 6 els of BwO killed 8 els of AxO). Duncan was sweeping his French in

> column around the steep hill on the Sienese right but it took a long

> time.


> The lost of the Milanese Ax in the centre disheartened that command.

> The milanese and pisans traded loses (BwI killing SpI) until the

> Milanese commander managed to kill the Pisan general and broke the

> command. The remaining German wedge then came to the rescue, riding

> down some militia CB and breaking the Milanese left flank. The Milanese

> army broke.


> Observations.

> - Game worked well. No real major queries.

> - KnO/I wedges are quite powerful, but dont let Bw shoot at the rear I

> part.

> - WWgX did nothing really. Duncan brought them along for extra colour,

> one reflecting AC Milan colours, the other Inter.

> - BwO were capable of dealing with AxO, SpI and BdI reasonably.

> - Dont try and do tricky things with Irreg Kn. Line em up and let them

> go. In hindsight, DuncanB said he should have lined the French up and

> charged forward. After all KnO against I foot is pretty good for the

> Knights.

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