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Page history last edited by Rob Brennan 13 years, 5 months ago


This handbook aims to capture the "interesting bits" of the discussions on the yahoo dbmmlist about Phil Barker's DBMM wargames rules for Ancient and Medieval Battle 3000BC - 1500AD originally published by Caliver Books but the 2nd Edition (Available from amazon.co.uk [for UK orders], Monarch Publications[worldwide orders..perhaps except the US], On Military Matters) [for US orders] and Olympian Games in Australia.) is published by a reformed "Wargames Research Group Ltd" (the original publisher of Phil's earlier rules).Caliver Books will continue to publish the DBMM army list books for the foreseeable future.


This handbook exists because the volume of messages on the yahoo group makes it very difficult to find useful information via the yahoo web interface at a later stage.


News! (22 Aug 2010) Lorenzo Mele has created a new site with DBMM material to support old and new players. Check it out at www.tagmata.it

(1 March 09) Unfortunately pbwiki.com have forced me to upgrade the wiki to v2.0 of their software. This means that we can no longer have a single password for the whole site, instead you need to sign up for an account. All the people who have contributed already to this site are automatically emailed as part of the process.

(27-Jul-08): Contribution to the wiki has been thrown open to anyone.


Additional information on DBMM (including the official errata and FAQ) can be found on the excellent http://dbmm.org.uk


Topics covered here include:


Essentially it is designed to be a scrap-book of some of the most interesting bits from the yahoo dbmmlist where players discuss the game.


This is a work in progress... you have been warned 



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