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Figures for DBMM Armies by Army Book

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 7 months ago

 This section of the DBMM wiki is to help people choose figures for their DBMM armies or to help others choose figures for their armies. Listed by army, we hope to get a comprehensive and up-to-date list of all the figures that people know about for ancients period armies, in all scales, with comments from people who have bough the figures on their quality and historical accuracy.


Hopefully this section will help people find figures for some of the more obscure armies out there, choose the best figures for the popular armies, help manufacturers of the rarer or more specialist ranges find a wider audience and encourage all figure manufacturers to high standards of sculpting and historical accuracy.


All the comments on these pages are the opinions of the reviewers rather than the the administrators of this website. Reviews should be respectful but should not be afraid of giving an honest opinion of figures and we hope that manufacturers will take any comments in the constructive manner in which they are intended. Please do not post inflammatory comments and this is not a forum to persue any personal vendettas, although it may be appropriate to record poor levels of customer service. If you feel that a review is unfair to you or may have been posted maliciously, please contact the administrators to discuss this.

This section will be divided by Army Book and Army List. Each army list will have a page that will list troop types and give links to pages with specific figure ranges. Obviously a given figure range may be linked to from more than 1 list.


Book 1


Book 2


Book 3


Book 4

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