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Figures - Book 1 Armies

Page history last edited by Rob Brennan 9 years ago

Spring & Autumn Chinese by Duncan Head

> I see that Essex has minis for the Shang period & the Warring States,
> but apparently nothing specifically for the Spring & Autumn period.
> But does that matter? I know I'd not be able to tell the difference
> between them. Anyway, I think that's going to be my Book 1 army --
> the post-550 b.c.e. period -- so I'm curious: if I were to use the
> Essex Warring States minis, is there anything about them that would
> really obviously preclude them from representing late Spring & Autumn?

Perhaps the trousers. The impression I get is that the widespread use of
trousers only came in with the adoption of "barbarian" costume for cavalry,
c.307 BC. Though I must admit that some modern reconstructions do show them worn

Armor in this period could be either the thick leather "coat" used by the Essex
Shang-Chou figures or the laced plate of their Chin: I might mix the two for a
Spring-Autumn army.

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