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Early Germans vs Early Imperial Romans

Page history last edited by Rob Brennan 12 years ago

> Over the bank holiday weekend I played two games of DBMM.


> The first was a doubles game with myself and Tom Fox playing 500pts

> of Early Germans and Chris Jolley and Neil Fox using the Early

> Imperial Romans.


> Four pieces of Difficult going, two of which were on hills scattered

> on the table. Three on the Roman side.


> The German warbands were all fast. The center command had the C-in-C

> with 49 Warband. 9 defended the baggage behind TF. The other 40

> deployed 4 ranks deep against the 2 Psiloi in the Marsh.


> On the right flank there were 18 warband, 3 ranks deep with 8 Roman

> deserters (Aux (S)). A general, a cavalry and a couple of

> skirmishers. On the left Tom commanded 18 warband, 8 Roman deserters,

> 8 German cavalry and loads of skirmishers. Enough Ps to give support

> and some archers.


> The barbarians took a baggage command at the rear. The middle command

> had 10 Blades (6 Supperior, 4 ordinary) and the 2 skirmishers in the

> marsh. On their left they took a mixed command of blades in the open

> and Aux(S) on the hill with difficult going. Some Psioloi and cavalry

> were mincing about too.


> On the right the Romans had their strike force. 7 or 8 Aux partially

> in the difficult going (on another hill). About 8 cavalry, 4

> Numidians, 4 Fast artillery and the mounted general.


> The men wearing trousers came forward as fast as they could. On their

> right the ones with skirts pulled their Aux in the open back. They

> would have retreated with the ones on hill but they were in difficult

> going and would have to move as individual elements. They held their

> ground as the mounted part of the command moved around the hill and

> tried to outflank the German left.


> The Germans expanded their column of cavalry on the left flank and

> sent their skirt wearers against the Romans. On the right the massive

> numeric superiority was beginning to tell. In the center the warband

> entered the marsh, mainly impetously and moved towards the

> skirmishers.


> On the right the Romans brought their fast artillery out to support

> the falnk of their cavalry.


> On the Germans right they made contact with the legions with overlaps

> on both flanks. Took 6 legions off in one go. They lost a few combats

> to the Aux as they couldn't count their rear rank support and the Aux

> were uphill. Numbers counted though and the Aux took losses due to

> being outflanked and a couple of naked blokes fighting for the Romans

> died after being taken in the rear.


> In the center the 2 skirmishers eventually died but prevented the

> bulk of the warband making contact with the Superior legions who just

> pissed about most of the game shitting themselves.


> On the German left, as half the Aux ran away the 8 skirt weares were

> easily able to over come the 3 or 4 who couldn't get out of the way.

> The artillery were charged and destroyed by Toms charge with his

> cavalry. No losses from the artillery. The cavalry chared each other

> and the Romans lost one or two elelments.


> Two commands demorilised and the army broke. The blokes wearing

> trousers lost 7.5 out of over a hundred. 25-0.


> I felt the interactions worked pretty much as I expected and similair

> to DBM. If the warbands can make contact with the legions in a

> straight line and with overlaps they will beat them easily. If the

> warbands have to fight superior auxilia in terrain of their choice

> they will make no headway and will take losses. Their only chance is

> to attack their flanks with superior numbers. Warband get slowed down

> big time by difficult terrain. Fast artillery in the right place can

> help win a game but in the erong place can lose it.


> Neil and Tom play DBM 3.1 and it was their first game of DBMM. Neil

> felt it was a bit easy getting the terrain they wanted. I think they

> were a bit lucky getting two hills with diffiuclt going pretty much

> where they wanted. They were suprised how quick the combat went,

> with the game being decided by about 3 pairs of bounds. They both

> seemed to enjoy the game though


> I was amused by the fact Chris got his arse kicked by someone less

> than a third of his age who had never played DBMM before. Kept me

> amused all weakend!

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