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BHGS Challenge  09

Page history last edited by Rob Brennan 11 years, 5 months ago

Not having played with the army prior to the event I went into this with

very low expectations. I did not disappoint myself in the first game

where I had a total mental break down and decided to flank march my pip

dump against Jim Gibson's West Sudanese this coupled with poor initial

pip dice and Jims expendables carving lumps out of my Cavalry left me

reeling after the first 3 or 4 bounds and contemplating a 25-0

thrashing. Things perked up when the chariots arrived and made a bee

line for the allied baggage and some PS and Bw and the Kn(I) got moving

and into combat after a few more intense bounds( 6 I think) when Jim had

gotten to my baggage with his camels and broken then shattered my

Cavalry time was called but not before the Knights and Chariots did some

damage and the best of all a broken Cv(o) killed a Cm(s) I got 10 points

out of the game much to my surprise - Oh and 3 Chariots survived. Used

exaggerated command stratagem for the Cavalry.

Second round saw me facing Ray Briggs and his Han Chinese. Persia got

invaded and successfully used the concealed command stratagem for the

chariots. End result was a 22 -3 victory to Persia with the one

remaining Chariot after and initial culling practically defeating the

Chinese on its own killing 2 DBE Bw(x/o),1 Bd(f), 1 Kn(o) and at least 1

Lh(f) and at game end it had its beady eyes on the enemy CinC.

Third round saw me pitted against Ian Austin and his Ugaritics. Ian and

I had played the previous Sunday in the GDWS DBMM club competition where

I had extracted a 16-9 win over Ian so I knew he would be out for

blood. An amazingly hard fought and close game with Ian running out

14-11 victor. All the chariots died but the only way Ian got them was to

hit them in the rear, they just shrugged off flank attacks and malkied

anything they hit frontally one chariot got to within 80 paces of the

Ugaritic baggage on the far table edge before being cruelly taken in the

rear. Used the exaggerated command stratagem for the Cavalry.

Sunday morning Chris Robinson and his Sargonid Assyrians not a close

fought game a very decisive 25-0 to Chris the chariots killed about

three elements before being wiped out. They did force him to use his 2

brilliant strokes to get his chariots out of the way and he hit my Kn(i)

with them and the Knights died like the dogs they are( lost more in this

game than the previous three put together where losses had been 1; 1 & 2

respectively). The Lh flank marched on the right and arrived only to be

slowed by the Horde minefield. No stratagems used.

So on to the final game Steve Rathgay and his Uratian's. I had no idea

what this army comprised of so decide on a straight down his throat

approach with my deployment being Lh front left, Expendables centre

(opposite Steve's Knights)with Kn behind and Cav front right with

exaggerated command stratagem used for them again. Off we went with

Steve sticking a Cv out in front of his knights to slow me down whilst

they turned and moved to my right out of the way. This game was won

again by the expendables, they first killed the blocking Cav then in my

next bound two died on Ax the other two killing an Ax and Ps followed by

losing a third chariot. The remaining chariot went on to kill a further

7 elements in its charge to the enemy base line where it met its doom by

being 5 -1'd by Bge(i), probably served it right poor thing must have

been exhausted. Steve delayed arrival command took on my Lh(o) and lost

resulting in the command becoming disheartened and disengaging. The Cav

and Kn(i) put pressure on Steve's other command killing some various

elements but Steve's allied command took the brunt of the punishment

from the Expendables and the Kn(i) the Kn delivering the coup de grace

to break the command taking down the delayed command and these breaking

together with cumulative other losses took out over half the army. My Kn

had lost 4 elements and would have broken on losing another one a very

close game again with big thanks to the chariots who killed around 10

elements I think between them. End result was a 23-2 victory to Persia.

Thoughts on the army:-

* Very pretty

* Don't ever again have a Kn(i) command

* Where can I get Exp(s)

* Not a power army but good fun to play with.

* Need to tweak the balance probably spread the Lh across at

least 2 commands

* No need for the Ps with the expendable command

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