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Battle Reports

Page history last edited by Rob Brennan 11 years, 8 months ago

DBMM Battle Reports


Telling a good yarn is one thing the DBMM community excels at. On this page you will find links to some of the many entertaining descriptions posted to the yahoo dbmmlist over the years.


DBMM Version 2 Reports

Juan Juan finally expelled from the Kush by Wayne Watts 11 Oct 2011

SoA Kadesh Refight by Phil Barker, Duncan Head, Norman Whapshott, Peter Kershaw 5 Apr 2011

Late Imperial Romans v Later Hoplite Greeks (Spartan) by Peter Barett 13 Dec 2010

Those pesky Romans! by adriancoombshoar 8 Dec 2010

On we sweep with threshing oar by John R 25 Nov 2010

Later Visigothic vs Sub Roman Army(Riothamus) - My First DBMM Battle

Marian Roman Vs Parthian 46BC by C Brann 23 Oct 2010

Teutonic Order v. Later Hungarian by Andreas Johansson 11 Oct 2010

Yoshitsune defeats the Franks by John Garvey 8 Oct 2010

Bulgars V Hungarians by Pet Haines 24 Sept 2010

Anglo-Irish civil war by Mick Hessian 3 Sept 2010

Early Sasanians vs Eastern Huns by Doug Melville 27 Aug 2010

L. Carthaginians vs Thracians (Lowland) by Doug Melville 26 Aug 2010

Next v2 Game by Pete Haines 23 Aug 2010

1st DBMM 2 game by Christopher 21 Aug 2010

Urartians vs Early Achaemenid by S Rathgay 20 Aug 2010

Bulgars V Fatimids in 2.0 by Mick Hessian 23rd July 2010

(The First) Version 2 Game by S Rathgay and T Child 8th July 2010


DBMM Version 1 and 1.1 Reports

1.1 Playtest - Richard vs Saladin by Steve R 3 July 2010

1.1 Playtest- L Hung vs Medieval German By Andreas J 22 Jan 2010

1.1 Playtest:  The Battle of St. Omer by Tom Thomas 15 Oct 09

Fatimids and Crusaders by Peter Barrett 9 Sept 09

Agincourt in 1.1 by Tom Thomas 2 Sept 09

Historicon Battle Report Phil vs Tom by Tom Thomas 22 Jul 09

Kn(S) v Bw(I)  The definitive test  Medieval French v Western Sudanese by Dave Ruddock 1 Mar 09

Medieval Battle by Ivan Dec 21, 2008

Avar vs Central Asian Turks by Gary Barr 12 Nov 08

Sassanid vs Hunnic by Gary Barr 20th Oct 08

Polybian Roman vs Carthaginian by Gary Barr 16 Oct 08

Tu Yu Hun v Han by Tim Montgomery 10 Oct 08

Lithuanian v Early Russian by Tim Montgomery  Oct 2, 2008

Cannae - alea iacta est by Mike Campbell Sep 27, 2008

Lithuania versus Antigonas by Tim Montgomery Sept 16, 2008

King Krum goes to China by Tim Montgomery Sept 6, 2008

Rome vs the Selucids by Adrian Coombs-Hoar Aug 27 2008

Zanj Revolt vs Abbasid by Jan van Embden Aug 7, 2008 

SRB vs EAP by Peter Barrett July 31, 2008

Rome vs Sparta by adriancoombshoar Mon Jul 28, 2008

Sub-Roman British vs Middle Angle-Saxons by Peter Barrett July 17, 2008

Magnesia refight by Peter Kershaw July 13, 2008

SRB vs Dublin Vikings by Peter Barrett July 10, 2008

Mujung Hsien pi v Southern Dynasties by Nick Jul 4, 2008

Camillan Roman vs Etruscan League by John Edmundson Jul 3, 2008

Timurid vs Ltr Muslim Indian  by Melville, Doug 20 June 08

Later Hoplite Greek Sparta vs Med Portuguese by Alastair 16 June

Medieval French at Campaign 08 by Dave Ruddock 12 May

Marian Roman vs Pontic by David Mather 1 May

Sub-Roman Brits vs Early Polish by Tim Child Sat Apr 26

Sub-Roman Brits vs Hittite Empire by Tim Child Sat Apr 26

Sub-Roman Brits vs Mongol Conquest by Tim Child Sat Apr 26, 2008 3:33 pm

Polybian Romans w/Pergamene allies vs Seleucids. ~500 APs by The Bruce Sun Apr 20, 2008 7:28 am

Hittite vs Trojan by Tim Child Sat Apr 19, 2008 12:07 am 

Khmers Vs. Sub-Roman British by Peter Barrett Thu Apr 17, 2008 6:23 pm

Marian Rome Vs Pontus by primuspilus2002 Oct 31, 2007

Spartan vs Med Portugese by Al the Spartan Oct 30, 2007

LIR vs Hun by Garry Barr Oct 27, 2007

Turgesh vs Tang by Gary Barr Oct 18, 2007

Polybian Roman vs Later Carthaginian  by Gary Barr Oct 13, 2007

Ariatharid Cappadocian v Ming by Tim Montgomery Thu Oct 11, 2007

Guelph v Ghibbeline by Tim Montgomery August 30, 2007

Charles the Bold vs Aitolian Hellenistic Greek by Peter Barrett Aug 30, 2007

Later Swiss against Charles the Bold by David Thompson Aug 28 2007

Early Germans vs Early Imperial Romans by David Thompson Aug 28 2007

Urartian vs Constantius' Late Romans by Steve Rathgay 22 August 2007

Aulus Plautius in Britian Encounters the Army of Aetius (EIR vs Patrician) by rooster_fan Wed Apr 16, 2008 7:02 pm

Fatimid Egyptians vs Konstantian Byzantine by garyplachetta Sat Jun 30, 2007

Pre Samurai Japanese vs Korean by paul755758 Sat Jun 23, 2007

Pre Samurai vs Byzantines by ganson47 Sun Jun 17, 2007


Having been to Britcon and actually spent a few groats on purchasing a copy of
V2.0 the next step was to get a game in.

So with a visit already arranged to the Tropical South(Kent) and the Kazzy of
Doom the residence of the notorious Darth Mather I prepared a DBMM 100 army to
face the the might Darth and Adrian Coomb- Hoare in a one night stand round

The theme was set as 541AD Byzantium and their enemies. Armies selected were:

Adrian - Italian Lombard
Dave - Early Byzantine(Belisarius -not Brilliant)
Myself - Sassanid Persian

My list was dead simple all irregular(full confession  below)

CinC Cv(s)           1
Asavaran Cv(s)    9 
Daylami Ax(s)       2
Levy Hd(o)            2

Total 25ME.

My mistake with this is that the General should have been regular so in hind
sight should not have had the Hd. - Moral to the story is all Sassanids are
cheating sods- well so said the other two? Every one has been telling me how bad
Irg Cv(s) are now so I thought thats the army for me. 

First game was against Adrian. I invaded and Adrian placed an SF just off centre
and a RH  to the left of that towards the corner on his table edge as I viewed
the table. I turned the table so that the SH ended on my side left corner.
Adrain deployed with 1 Lh(s) the CinC and 2kn(f) on my left and 3 Kn(f) on my
right with an infantry centre of Sp(i) and Ps. I deployed with the Dayalmi on
the hill and all the Cavalry  covering the gap between and facing the SF in the
centre, the Hd were on the front right of my line. I made an error in the
deployment zone depth so deployemnt for both sides was a little cramped.

Essentialy Adrian pushed forward along his line with the Infantry going through
the SF in his first bound I pushed forward the Hd to just short of the SF and
the Ax towards the front of the hill. Next bound Adrian had a shortage of pips
so the  3 Kn had to go impetoues into the SF while the CinC's group and Infantry
moved forward., I peeled off some Cv with the CinC to cover behind the Hd as
this was the weak flank.next bound contact adrian put his Lh into the Ax on the
hill(overlap not counting against him from the other Ax) and jumped the Hd with
Ps hard fanking the one nearest the centre and the 3 kn moved forward
impetiously again in the SF but not to contact, the Ax was recoiled and the Hd
beat off all comers killing one of the Ps.  In my bound I hard flanked the Lh
with the other Ax and killed it the main body of Cav hit the Sp recoiling two
and killing one and continued out to my right aiming to get on the flank  of the
Kn in the SF.

Not much happened in the last 2-3 bounds. The Hd went down to a combine attck
from the Sp and Kn but not before one of them recolied a Kn. In the ned time was
called we had een slow mainly due to my lack of knowledge of the rules. End
result was I lost 1 ME(2 Hd) and adrain 2 ME(LH,1 Sp(i),& 1 Ps) so 6-4 to the

Second game saw Adrain and Dave square up to each other. Terrain played no part
in this game as the battle took place in a flat plain in the centre of the
table(we got the deployment zones right this time). Again Adrian was invaded he
deployed with his infantry deployed in front of his Kn so his army was in four
line essentially with some of his PS on the right wing of the Sp. Dave deployed
with a mounted front line with Belisarius in the centre flanke by Kn(f) which
were flanked by Cv(s) which in turn had Lh(s) on the outer end the infantry Bow,
Bd Hd and Bge(only Dave use Bge) behind this.  First move saw Adrain push his
mounted through the inf straight toward  the Byzantine front line with his Sp
forming column and moving off to his left, Daves first pip dice was 1(gulp!)
Dave elected to extend his right flank as he could not pull Belisarius out and
fill the gap nothing was close enough. Adrians next move saw his knights putting
the  Byzantine front line in TZ's. Dave had no choice really in his bound he
charged, Mayhem resulted, Belisarius fought the first combat killing the Kn in
contact on the grading factors(I think) the Byzantine Kn either side also killed
their Kn opponents with the befnefit of the +1 for the general winning his
combat and Adrian lost a 4th Kn to Lh I think, the lombards were now
disheartend. Adrain held his own in his next bound killing one elemnt I think
however the writing was on the wall and Dave mopped all the remaining Lombard Kn
and Lh, including the CinC for a dramatic 10-0 victory in about 25
minutesplaying time.

Final game the clash of Empires.

Byzantium invaded Sassanian territory. I placed an E in the opposite left corner
a GH almost centre and a BUA in my right corner. Dave elected to not rotate the
I deployed my Cav in  2 unequal lines with the AX on the left in the outer
Zone and Hd in the rear. Dave faced off my Cav with his Bd + Ps support and 2
Bw(i) on my left with a view to expanding out to put pressure on my Ax and his
mounted faced mine in a similar formation although I had the advantage of more
numerous Cav but he had 2 QK elements in his Kn's. Both CinC's were saely in the
rear ranks.

My first move was a general advance straight forward which left my cav short of
the crest of the hill. Dave's eyes widened in glee as he thought I had bungled
placing the terrain so he surged forward to contact only to realise that the up
hill advantage only counted if his elements rear edge was ovet the crest line
which is was not(Oh how the king of kings snickered into his silk sleeves). It
was at this piont that my secret statagem came into play. My youngest daughter
arrived in the games shed and asked to join in by throwing the dice with
devestating effect, holes were ripped in the Byzantine line in short order due
to kills and recoils. In the Sassanid bound this was componded and the
Byzantines had soon lost 7ME out of a total of 23ME. My daughter was throwing
4's, 5's and 6's with frightening regularity and got very upset when she rolled
a couple of 1's resulting in the deaths of 2 Asvaran. However the writting was
on the wall and after a couple of pairs of bound following the initial contact
Belisarius was dead the Bge half destroyed and only 7/8ME of the Byzantine host
remaining a 10-0 victory to the King of Kings.

End results :

Sassanids 16
Byzantines 10
Lombards    4

A very interesting evening. Gradings will take a bit of getting used to
especially the interaction between foot and mounted - still not sure if we have
not gone to far in favour of the foot and tipped the scale in the opposite
direction , still it is early days yet.

 It hepled that the games were pretty much head to head if the Byzanines had
managed to exploit their movement advantage I doubt I would have had such a big
win as the game would have been very different, this would have made no
difference for the Byzantine against the Lombards as things went. The three
games would have been very different with 400AP armies and I think the advantage
would clearly have been with the regular army.

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