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4 74 Free Company or Armagnac

Page history last edited by Rob Brennan 10 years, 10 months ago

400AP, Draft DBMM Lists by Marc Priest

Sub Irr Kn(O), 3xIrr Kn(O), 8 x Reg Bw(S), 2 x Irr Ps(S), 2x Irr Bg(I). 21 ME.

Sub Irr Bd(S), 5xReg Bd(S), 6xReg Bw(O), 4xIrr Ps(S), 2x Irr Bg(I). 24ME.

Sub Irr Kn(S), 1xIrr Kn(S), 2x IRR Kn(O), 2 x Irr Bg(I). 12 ME.

CinC Reg Kn(O), 4 Irr Kn(O), 8 x Reg Bw(S), 2x Irr Bg(I). 22 ME.

Army total 79 ME.

400AP,DBM Lists by James Hamilton

CinC Irr Kn(O), 5 Irr Kn(O), 2 Reg Bw(S), 6 Irr Bw(O), 4 Irr Ps(I), 2

Irr Hd(O), 1 Reg Art(S)

Sub Irr Kn(S), 4 Irr Kn(S), 12 Irr Pk(F), 2 Irr Ps(I), 2 Irr Hd(O)

Sub Irr Kn(O), 2 Reg Kn(I), 6 Reg Bw(S)

Sub Irr Kn(O), 2 Reg Kn(I), 6 Reg Bw(S)

Train command 8 Irr Bg(O) - Army baggage making the commands 30, 30,

18 & 18 ME respectively

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