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4 68 Medieval Spanish or Portuguese

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400AP(approx), Med Portugese, DBM Lists by


1)      CinC RegKn(O), around 12 RegKn(O) and 2 LH(O) and 2 LH(F)

2)      Reg Kn general and French IrrKn(S), around 12 RegKn(S)

3)      English with Bd(S) (4-6?) and Bw(S) (8-10?) and some Ax(O)

400AP Medieval Portuguese 1385, DBM Bk4, 1st Place Cancon '08 by  Michael Gray


Army Baggage 6 BgI [ 12 pts]


Command A

Reg KnS CnC [35] , 9 irrKnO [90], 4 irr AxO [12], 6 irr PsO archers



 EE [ inc 3 Bg] =30


Command B

 Reg KnS SG [35] , 3 reg KnS [45], 4 French irr KnS [48],  6 irr LHO

[24] , 6 irr Pso slingers [12],


EE [ inc 3 for baggage]= 30


Command C

Reg KnS [35] , 4 English KnI [40]

 EE [ plus 3] = 15


Army 75 . Break 37.5

. No strategems.


400AP, DBM lists by Jim Gibson

CinC - Kn(O), 5Kn(O), 12Ax(S), 6Ps(O), 2LH(O), 1Sp(I), 2Bg(I).

 SG - Kn(O), 4Kn(O), 6Ps(O), 4LH(O), 1Bw(O), 2Bg(I).

 AG - Kn(I), 1Kn(I), 10Bw(S), 2Bg(I).


450AP, Portuguese 1385AD (Irregular), 1st Place NZ NatCon 2009


Army Baggage 6 iBgF : 3ME

CinC iKnO, 4 iKnS, 3 rKnS, 3 iLHO : 21 + 3 = 24ME

SubG iKnO, 4 iKnO, 4 rBwO, 5 iPsS, 5 iPsO : 21 + 3 = 24ME

SubG iKnO, 4 iKnO, 3 iLHO, 12 PsO : 21 + 3 = 24ME

English Ally rKnI, 4 rKnI, 8 rBwS, 2 BgF : 24ME

Army 99ME, break >49.5ME. No stratagems.

The date is a bluff - everyone expects the SBPF regular version at this date. Portuguese and English knights can dismount as BdS; the English are always deployed dismounted but I found the Portuguese Irregular Kn(O) to be more useful mounted. On the rare occasions one of the Portuguese commands is on foot the regular Bw(O) are intended to stiffen them vs Pike (Bw rear support cancels the 4th rank Pike support). The English knights end up as filler so the longbowmen can be kept in action and, as it happens, Bd(S) is efficient filler at 2ME and very tough with it. Basic tactic is a charge by the knights, led by the French and Military Orders Kn(S), supported by the English Bw(S). Although there is a lot of Ps in the army we don't want a lot of DGo - a few scattered small pieces is sufficient to hide the Ps if the enemy fronts with loads of Cv. A transverse road along the rear of the army's deployment zone is great for grand tactical movement (long moves, no/reduced PIP costs) and I made use of these all weekend. Pick one of the flank edges as your "5" or "6" to improve the odds of placing one to your advantage. Cheers, Ivan.

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