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3 64 Ghaznavid

Page history last edited by Rob Brennan 11 years, 10 months ago

 1. 400AP by David Mather


Command 1

Sultan Mahmud of Ghazna - Brilliant Reg Cv(S)

3 Palace Ghulams Reg Cv (S)

3 Turkish Ghazis Irr LH(S)

2 Arab Ghazis Irr Lh(O)

+army baggage

ME 17


Command 2

Arslan Jadhib Irr El (O)/Reg Sub Gen

5 Elephants El (O)

4 Ghulams Reg Cv (S)(guard the El flanks/clear away any Lights)

+ army baggage

ME 24 - does not dishearten


Command 3

Abu Nasr Farighuni Reg Cv(S)

9 Ghulams Reg Cv (S)

+ army baggage

ME 24 does not dishearten


Command 4

4 x Baggage Camels Bge (F)

ME 2



Flank attack

Concealed Command as BS


PIP allocation likely -

Command 1 L

Command 2 H

Command 3 M


In essence either command 2 or 3 would be off table with a flank attack the other attack the flank you are coming on - and command 1 would be

centre a palace ghulam extended across to delay the march - it becomes a race between you mauling the flank you are pressing and Mahuds command breaking - Note you can lose all the light horse and still keep going.



Be prepared to use a BS to alter pip allocation once the flank attack is on and established (or one of your commands is going down) It gets the benefit from being "all mounted" for determining who deploys first. The camels worried me a bit as being small if someone got to them it was going to hurt - nobody got near them in the 4 games - they can move albeit on a good dice roll so can generally head to a safe part of the battlefield (some dunes or scrub is good).



Once your regular opponent(s) is used to this you can start to annoy with other tricks - eg take the standard deployment as discussed above and "switch hit" eg you line up as norm but your flank attack is actually on the other flank - use a BS to move your other attack command swiftly to the opposite flank (high dice and a double). Line up as normal - he expects you to be flank marching and goes for the exposed flank of Mahmuds command - you have a delayed command.


Also 1 flank attack a delayed arrival and concealed comamnd (pick a 2FE GH and put your 5 or 6 on your base edge) - deploying just the Camels is fun.



An army that requires a degree of precision,timing and a slice of luck - get it correct and its very powerful - Not for the faint hearted-You cannot fight across the whole table - its a dealy and punch army - command 2 or command 3 depending on opponent can pack a mighty punch.  - A general on an elephant takes some stopping but is not as manouverable as I had originally thought (thanks to MC for pointing it out).



Other variant is to use mounted dailami as elephant guards or drop the El entirely and replace with an infantry command comprising the Ghazis to soften him up then the Dailami- havent used this yet as not finished the figs yet.


2. 400AP by Gordon Harrow


Brill CinC , 4 Cv(s), 3 Lh(s), 1 Lh(o)


Sub, 10 Cv(s)


Sub, 5 El(o), 5 mtdAx(s), 1 mtdPs(o)


Staratgems : Flank attack, concealed command as a brill stoke.


3. 400AP by Dennis Peroni


C1 Brilliant CiCElO, 4IElO, 6RAxSMtd, 3ILhO - 21

C2 SubG RCvS, 7RCvS, 1ILhO- 19

C3 SubG RCvS, 7RCvS, 3ILhS- 21

Stata changing deployment.


Doctrine: use changing deployment to target nellys on better spot,

covered by AxS in the approach.

All mounted army to benefit from die roll mod

No baggage to not worry about marauders


4. 400AP by Jurgen Bohn


C1 Brilliant CiCElO, 2IElO, 8RCvS - 27

C2 SGRCvS, 6RCvS, 2ILhS - 21

C3 SGRCvS, 3RCvS, 8ILhS - 21

C4 6BgF - 3

Strata changing deployment


Doctrine: use changing deployment to target nellys on better spot and

eventually double pips to manouver a CvS strike force to gain a local

superiority to pierce enemy line.

All mounted army to benefit from die roll mod


5. 400AP by Gael Richard


C1 CiCRCvS, 11RCvS, 1ElO, 1IKnI - 33

C2 SGRCvS, 5RCvS, 4RMtdAxS - 21

C3 SGRCvS, 5ILhS - 12

C4 Qarakhanid AGICvO, 1ICvO, 1RCvS, 4ILhS, 1B - 13

C5 6BgF

Strata feigned flight


Doctrine: use the big CiC command to grind down enemy while manouvring

and supporting with the smaller corps. Use FF to reduce enemy pressure

where opponent has local superiority.

All mounted army to benefit from die roll mod


6. 350AP by David Mather

Mahmud Reg Cv(S) Brilliant

3 x Palace Ghulams Cv(S)

3 x Turkish Aux Irr LH(S)

Aslan Jadhib  Irr El (O) (Reg Gen)

3 x Elephants Irr El (O)

3 x Ghulams Cv(S)

Abu Nasr Farighuni Reg Cv (S)

9 x Ghulams Reg Cv(S)

Army baggagae 4 x Bg(F) Camels


Concealed as BS

Flank attack

Should come to 350AP

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