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3 26 Early Serbian or Croatian

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1. 400AP, 3rd Place Milan '08 by Lorenzo Mele


CiC ICvO, 10IKnF, 9IAxS – BP 36

SGICvO, 10 IKnF, 9IAxS – BP 36

SGICvO, 20IAxS – BP 27

6Bg plus concealed command stratagem

The doctrine was to restrict the battlefield with RgO and difficult

so I could deploy my Kn in deep formations, and try to swarm and

dominate the bad going so to have vital overlaps once in combat.

Usually in defence I went for 3x1ME and 2x0,5ME, using as much rough

as possible.

Concealed command was useful to put a bit off balance my opponent,

for I could use flank marching or delayed corps as well.

My standard formation had 2 Kn corps deployed side by side, with 6-7

KnF in first line and 3-4 plus the general acting as reserve. The all

Ax corps was usually on a wing swarming through terrain and

supporting the center, while Ax in Kn command formed in front, behind

or on a flank as needed.

The plan was simple. Advance pushing hard with Ax if possible, try to

engage together both my Kn corps and maneuver to be the first to

strike. Once engaged be very aggressive and exploit every possible

opportunity to qk enemies.

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