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2 84 African Vandal

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1. 400AP, Draft DBMM Lists by Lorenzo Mele

C1 Brilliant CiC, 11IKnF, 6ILhS, 2IBgI- 36

C2 SubGIKnF, 8IKnF, 2IBgI - 24

C3 SubGIKnF, 4IKnF - 12

C4 AllMoorICvO, 7ILhO, 6IPsS, 2IBgI - 18

Stratagems: Feigned Flight and Flank Attack


The main plan was to deploy terrain to have a flank suitable to a

mounted attack. There the CiC would have charged with C2 marching,

while the Moors delayed the center. The idea was to use speed to put

myself in a tactical advantage and exploit it immediately.

C4 task was to be delayed to feint a second flank march and

psicologically hinder the opponent, or attack his open enveloping

wing once this was to be made against the moors. The inability of the

moors (apart the commander) to prevent a quick march to me was

wanted, to have 2 side effect: first lower the reg dice in the enemy

corps I would target, tempting him to assign the higher pip to the

envelop manouver and second due to the fact delayed corps enter quite

soon on the table, so to have the enemy as forward as possible and in

position to well hit him.

FF was mainly a tactic to avoid retaliation once i charged, for IKnF

engaged in combat could flee and turn before enemy mounted pursuit.

Against infantry this tactic worked extremely well and let me destroy

in test games several deep enemy formations. The activation through a

brilliant stroke gave me enough flexibility.

Given the corps balance I just had to be careful to not engage alone

the CiC for its demise would almost mean army break.

IKnF had to fight deep, with a reserve to fill in casualties, while

generals were to stay behind to avoid Ammatas and many more vandal

leaders fate.

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