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2 48 Mithridatic

Page history last edited by Rob Brennan 8 years, 12 months ago


400AP, 1st place Britcon 2011 by Jan van Embden

C1 (24ME)
Irr Kn (I) Sub
4 x Irr Ax (S)
4 x Irr Ax (O)
8 x Irr Ps (O)
8 x Irr LH (O)

C2 (30 ME)
Reg Cv (O) C-in-C
8 x Reg Pk (O)
16 x Reg Pk (I)

C3 (28ME)
Irr Kn (I) Sub
4 x Reg Ax (S)
6 x Irr Wb (O)
3 x Irr Bd (F)
4 x Irr Ps (O)
4 x Irr LH (F)
3 x Irr Kn (I)
2 x Reg Exp (O)

C4 (12ME)
Irr Kn (X) Armenian Ally-General
3 x Irr Kn (X)
2 x Irr LH (F)

Train (6ME)
6 x Irr Bg (I)

Army ME: 100

The ability of the Regular C-in-C to swap with whichever Irregular sub is closer
gives the army a powerful PIP swapping option for less than the cost of three
regular generals, without presenting a lowest PIP command target. Putting the
C-in-C in charge of the PIP efficient all regular pike command facilitates this
as it can usually get by on a low PIP score. I should say this command structure
was pioneered at our club in Dublin by Rob Brennan, so my thanks to him for
alerting me to the idea.

The high ME count also makes this a very forgiving army in terms of its ability
to both absorb losses and swamp opponents, both of which suit my style of play.
It also has a good mix of troop types, which makes it a good all-rounder, while
the 3:3:3:1 structure is also sound.

On the minus side, it has a lot of low quality troops and while (I) is a lot
better in DBMM than it used to be, it can be sensitive against the wrong kind of
opponents - Bw (S) being a classic example.


Mithridaric Pontic, 500AP, DBM Lists by Tony Dennis

The Pontic host was based on two regular commands (mercenary Greek

generals) and an Armenian ally. The Greek C-in-C commanded the Pontic

Cv(O), LH(O) and Rhoxolani Kn(F). Four scythed chariots completed his

command. The second command was based on the phalanx. We allowed a

much larger phalanx than the current DBM list recommends, we allowed

16 Brazen shield Pk(O) and 16 Slave Pk(I). These were supported by 12

Ax(S), 4 Bw(I) and 4 Bastarnae Bd(F).  The Armenian command consisted

of the usual Kn(X), LH(F) and Bw(I).

Mithridatic Pontic 325AP 25mm, DBM Lists by David Mather


Command 1

Mithridates Irr Cv(S)

5 x Bosporans, lazygians or Rhoxolani nobles  Irr Kn(F)

3 x Pontic Cavalry Irr Cv(O)

3 x Pontic Light Horse Irr LH (O)

1 x Javelinmen  Irr Ax(O)

1 x Javelinmen Irr Ps (I)

1 x Scythed Chariot Irr Ex (O)



Bituitus the Galatian Irr Cv(O)

8 x Imitation legionaries Reg Bd(I)

6 x Galatians Irr Wb(O)

6 x Pontic Archers Irr Ps(O)

6 x Javelinmen  Irr Ps(I)



Pharnaces Irr Cv (S)

8 x Thurophoroi Reg Ax(S)

4 x Thracians Irr Ax(S)

1 x Pontic Cavalry Irr Cv(O)

3 x Pontic Light Horse Irr LH(O)

2 x Javelinmen  Irr Ps (I)

1 x Scythed Chariot Irr Ex(O)

24 ME


Army Baggage

Agis and Bull, Stag and Horse

6 x Bg(I)

3 ME



Ambush (generally used to conceal a Chariot in Orchard or behind Hill

Crest as oft invader with Ag 3)

Scouts (using 1 x Ps(I)( and 2 x LH) - found nothing all weekend

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