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2 38 Hsiung-Nu or Juan-juan

Page history last edited by John Hickman 7 years, 5 months ago

500 AP Chih-chih with Kang Chu allies,  40 BC, Stuart Whigham & Adrian Garbett

C-in-C as Cv(O) with 8 noble Cv (O) and 6 Ps(O).
2 commands of Cv(O) subbies, 2 Cv(O) and 18 LH(S),
Ally of 3 Cv and 18 LH(F).
All commands had 2 Bg.
We also took Ambush, Feigned Flight and Scouting.


1. 400AP Southern Hsiung-Nu by Lorenzo Mele


Com 1 - Brilliant CiC KnF, 6 KnF, 10 LhS, 2Bg, 30/8-11

Com 2 - SG LhS, 6 KnX, 10 LhS, 2 Bg, 30/8-11

Com 3 - SG LhS, 10 LhS, 2 Bg 18/5-7

2 stratagems: feigned flight and flank attack

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